1st Epi – Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and Mishra’s story begins – Telly Updates

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The show begins with a voiceover of the mansion describing City Lucknow stating that the mansion is divided into two owners. She says the mansion has two colors on the outside. He is survived by Zafar Mirza, his wife Sakina, Ammi Begum Noor Jahan and two children. On the other side lives Ramesh Prasad Mishra, his wife Shanti, father Brij Mishra and three children. She says that apart from the children, the Mirza and Mishra families want to get the other side of the mansion. She introduced third parties Pappu Pandey and Bittu Kapoor. Mirza and Mishra chase the kite on different rickshaws and run on the road and climb the terrace to get the kite. Mirza grabs the thread and Mishra gets the kite. They argue and keep whatever they get and warn the other that they will kill the other. His wives come to his rescue and quarrel with each other. They take sides for their husbands and they say that even if their husbands work for them for their house, it doesn’t mean that anyone can bring them down and so on. Brij Mishra and Noor Jahan also argued over the kite. The children come and take the children from there.

Leaving the shop, Shanti ran after the kite and exploded at Mishra. Mishra says he will go to the store. Shanti told her not to be fooled and not to sweep the house. She says Mirza will get all the mansions. Mishra says what to do, we don’t have property documents. Sakina tells Mirza that Mishra will get the mansion. Mirza swears that Mishra cannot take the mansion from him and swears that he will throw Mishra away one day. Sakina tells him to peel the peas. Brij Mohan and Noor Jahan watch the children fly kites together. Noor Jahan gave him some powder so that he could get rid of the problem of constipation. Shanti and Sakina think of ending the fight to find out what is in their hearts. Sakina and Shanti behave well and say that they will not interfere in her husband’s fight. They insult each other. Shanti asks Sakina what she is making? Sakina says Chola… Shanti shows her bangles and says Firozabad aunty sent them. Sakina thinks she bought it on the side of the road. They talk about Paro. Paro arrives and tells her that she is late because of her husband. She reports that someone’s Holi has come down and says that the mansion will come down anytime, and if they ask Bittu and Pappu, it will help them get a good price for the mansion from the government.

Mishra and Mirza look at Bittu and Pappu and say that they are good friends of good times and enemies of bad times. Mishra asks Bittu and Pappu how they are together today. Mirza says they will cheat someone today. Pappu asked Mishra to make a page. Bittu asks Mirza to make tea for him. Bittu tells Mishra that if he has a mansion, he will get a good amount for the mansion. Mishra refused. Mirza also refused to sell the mansion.

Mishra is looking for a receipt for the electricity bill to prove that Haveli is his. Peace reminds him that in British times there was no electricity in the house. He says find me evidence. Brij Mohan comes there and finds something. Mishra asked him to take English medicine. Brij Mohan denied that it was a curse. Mishra has a paper with a British stamp, which is in Urdu. He thinks of making Mirza read, he thinks he is his own enemy, but he is his own enemy

They go out to fetch water. Mishra asked Mirza to read the letter and paid. Mirza says you could have read if you had passed 9th. Mirza reads that the queen’s order is that the mansion can become a mental shelter, the people living there will have to send black water, if the mansion is not ready to leave. They are shocked that their hawli will turn into a mental shelter. Mirza tore the letter in two and threw it away. Paro gets the letter and reads it. She thinks they are gone.

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