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Recap: Rudra is against Ryansh’s relationship.

Clan: But uncle? I love Riddhima very much. She also develops the same love for me.

Rudra: But I do not agree with this marriage.

Hi Ddhima: I love Vansh very much. Please Dad agree to our relationship.

Rudra: I promised my friend that you would marry his son. Now you marry him. I can’t go back on my promise.

Ajay: Yes you are right Rudra. Don’t keep your promise. (To Hi Dhima) We asked you to think a lot about your decision but you didn’t give it another thought. Now agree with your father’s decision and marry the man he wants. I have always stood by you till now but now it is about honoring your father and I cannot compromise with him.

Hi Ddhima: Uncle you but… Mom please explain Baba.

Anupriya: I’m sure he won’t make a bad decision when it comes to your life. I can’t help you And I know the race and your love is just a temptation.

Race: No Anu mother. I really like Riddhima. I can’t live without her. My life has no meaning without her. I can’t see her being someone else’s wife.

Hi Ddhima: Yes I did. Vanash is right. Our love is tempting to all of us but it is not. This is true love. I can’t think of another because I’m just a Warsaw and will be in the future. I will not marry anyone else.

Uma: I am also sure that Rudra will not suddenly decide about you. He must have thought a lot. If you start your life with that person, you can slowly fall in love with it from time to time.

Lineage: But mother

Uma: No IFS and boots. Anu, you came… you haven’t eaten anything yet.

Uma then takes Anupriya to the canteen as she had nothing till morning.

Race: Give her a chance to correct her mistakes. This is the decision of her life. Only because of her decision uncle will she have to live her whole life without love. Uncle please consider this. (To Ajay) Baba please understand uncle.

Ajay: I agree with Rudra. He has every right to make decisions about his daughter.

Rudra: I will not change my decision. (Riddhimala) Anyway, you haven’t seen the groom’s photo, take a look.

Riddhima: I don’t want to see anyone’s photo. I’m sure he won’t look prettier than my lineage.

Rudra: If you don’t want to see his face, that’s fine. Generation Beta, you see

Race: Who is more perfect than me, Riddhu? I want to see him.

The clan took a photo of Rudra.

The tribes were shocked to see the photo.

Lineage: What ???

Prepap: The Masterplan

Who is that person? Why was the family shocked when they saw the groom’s photo? Wait and see for yourself who is next.

I know today’s episode is too short but because of the exam I can’t post the long episode as I said. Sorry.

I know today’s episode is too short but I have decided to take a break until April 22 because of the exam. But I’m not going to end this FF anytime soon. I will upload two more episodes by the end of the march. Then I’ll be back on April 22nd with long and exciting episodes. Keep up the good work.