Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanlata traps Rajvi – Telly Updates

Written by Aap Nazron on April 1, 2021, written update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Vanlata insulting Rajvi. Rajvi sadly left. The flute thinks I’m wrong. Rajvi is on his way. She got a call from Darshan. She says I’m going to the factory. He says, now you don’t like Nandini. She says I like her, I’m getting another call. She thinks sorry I tried a lot, but lost, I can’t convince her family for an alliance. Bansuri says that you had told Rajvi a lot. Vanalta says that Rajvi insulted me a lot. She teases her. She thinks her good new was not here. Nandini comes home and asks why did you do this, why did you send her to Rajvi’s house to insult Darshan, you did not think that Darshan would have to suffer humiliation for life, you blamed me that I sent you as a blind man, you also blame Gunjan Well, it’s your fault, I had to work hard to get the villagers’ business.

Vanlata says yes, I sent Tosha, I told Gunjan to find you. Naveen hears this. He slapped Bala for hurting Gunjan, my daughter went under control. The humming comes. Naveen asks did you go to meet Raga? Gunjan remembers the angry words. Naveen says he is a married man, will you entertain him for life, Bane spoiled you, I will give you a right direction. He got a stick. Nandini stopped him from beating Gunjan. Naveen said he turned down the alliance, saying he knew the buzz. Gunjan says I will marry a rich man. Naveen asks how can I get a rich man, why do you meet Ragala, he has no money. She says that now I have nothing to do with him, I want to show my true value in anger, I will marry a rich man. She goes. Naveen tells her to learn from Nandini and Bansuri. He tells Bala to stop this. He is sorry for transferring Bala to Gunjan.

Ragala says you wanted to know who that girl was, well, I wanted a house girl then I met you, that girl went crazy in jealousy, she’s dangerous, she came to kill you. She asks who the girl is, name her. He says leave me alone, I’m scared. Darshan called Nandini and canceled. Nandini says I didn’t know that Kaki could fall so low, I thought Rajvi would stop taking milk from us, she didn’t, she is in good spirits, Darshan tried to clear my name. Bansuri thinks that sight is blind, how can Nandini be happy with him.

The flute asks do you like it. Someone goes into Nandini’s eye. The flute helps her wash her eyes. Nandini asks how do you know I’m thinking visually. The flute asks how you will live with him, you should be the basis of it, what of your own dreams. Nandini says he saved me from the storm and the pit, he fought the rage for me, he respects me, he acquitted me, I am nothing in front of Darshan, why are we talking about this, Darshan and I can never have a relationship. Darshan comes and hears this. He thinks Nandini spreads color, why would she spend her life with me, she felt bad that I came to ask, I got the answer. He goes The flute asks if there is an alliance you will refuse. Nandini said that she would not like an uneducated girl like me. Bansuri says no, Rajvi came to ask you for a hand. She says it all. Nandini asks if Darshan knows this? There is no such thing as a flute. Nandini says that Darshan never agrees to this, maybe Rajvi thinks that I know him well, it is against his will, how can Darshan be like me.

Wanalta apologized to Naveen. He says I should feel sorry for Gunjan, now go, I have given up hope of her marriage. He goes She says I will marry Gunjan in a rich house. Rajvi thinks I failed again to enjoy the darshan. Vanalta stops her on the way and apologizes. She says Darshan loves Nandini, otherwise he would not have taken the big risk to clear her name, I was worried about her. Rajvi says I understand, no one wants to sleep, they should meet once, he made weakness his strength. Wanlata says I am ready for their wedding, but I have a small stage.

Rajvi shouts and asks how I can tell Shobit to perform this yajna. She says they are asking me to sacrifice your happiness for the sake of seeing. Shobit was shocked.

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