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The episode begins with Rajvi Vanalta hitting. She says don’t dare ask for money. Wanalta says no, you are misunderstanding me, I demanded money, but I will not sell my daughter for money, I have a small condition. What Rajvi asks. Vanalta says I am afraid of how she will manage if Nandini gets married in a rich family, if she gets support like her godmother then I mean Shobit marries my grandson Gunjan then I am ready to marry Nandini’s darshan. Charmi says I can’t come today, I have a conference. Shobit says, why did you become a doctor, if you come, I would have told my mother that you are my special friend. She says I will come when you talk to your mother about your marriage. He says the timing is not right. She says promise me, you will talk to our mother, please. That’s right, I speak. Vanalta asks if Shobit loves someone, no, right, you can see the alliance for him, Gunjan will make your home heaven. She is lying about the values ​​of humming. Wanlata says Gunjan is pure gold, it will make Shojit’s life better, nowadays children don’t see the situation. Rajvi says that I can’t take away Shobit’s right to choose his spouse, I can’t ruin my life for the sake of Darshan. Vanalata said that if Nandini is not married then Darshan will have a heart attack, she gets angry when we call her blind, if Shojit marries Gunjan then take Nandini for Darshan. Rajvi thinks I can’t force Sobit for an Orange marriage.

Shobit celebrates his birthday. Vipul says the darshan is ready. Darshan comes. He says, this time we’ll leave the birthday song, we’ll cut the cake. Shobit says don’t joke, everyone will sing for me. Darsh asks Mom is here. Shobit says, no, she knows she comes after cutting the cake, she sees this kudness. Rajvi comes. Vipul comes and says your mother has come. Ravi thinks that I did not think that I would give such a thing as a gift to Shobit. Showbitt thanked her. She wishes him well. He cries Darsh says you love showbiz so much. Shobit thanked Rajvi. He says you cut the cake with me. Rajvi and Shobit cut the cake. Everyone is smiling. Darsh clicks on the pictures. Rajvi worries.

Anger goes to Nirali and hits her on the head. She fainted. Anger tells his friend to call the doctor. Rajvi cries and prays for both her children. She says I am the mother of both my children, they are my eyes, how can I compare them, I can’t sacrifice happiness for another child, how can I ask him? Shobit listens to her. He says I’m with you, tell me. She said nothing. He asks I can do anything, I’ve seen you cry. She said that Darshan likes Nandini, I made her alliance, she didn’t refuse but Om asks what is it, did I do something wrong? She says no, I won’t make a mistake either, I can’t do it. Tell me what he asks, you scare me. She doesn’t say anything, I’m getting emotional, how long Darshan will fight for his brother, Nashini is not in his destiny. He asked if they made any demands, we will meet them. She says we can’t meet their demand, they are asking for your happiness, they are telling you to marry Gunjan, only then Darshan and Nandini can get married. He is shocked. She said that they are demanding to destroy your happiness for the pleasure of the audience. She begged him for the pleasure of the philosopher. She said the decision is yours. Shobit remembers Charmi and Darsh. He thinks I can’t see my mother crying, her love is the biggest for me. He says I will do this wedding. What she asks, really, do you like anyone, do you love any girl, tell me, I’m not forcing you. He says no, no girl, I would have told you before. She said meet Gunjan, if you don’t like her we won’t make this alliance. Shobit says I don’t need to meet, grandpa has spent 500 years with grandma, I will also spend life with Gunjan, I have given Darshan a lifetime of pain, I can’t miss the opportunity to alleviate his pain. They hug and cry. He thinks I’m sorry Charmi.

What Darsh asks, Nandini does not agree for this alliance. He meets Nandini and says that we have heard that we cannot have any relationship. The milkman throws firecrackers to exact revenge.

Update credit to: Amena