Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajvi sees Darsh’s love for Nandini – Telly Updates

Aapki Nezron ne Sambha 31 March 2021 Written part, Written update on teleupdates.com

Rajvi started the episode with Mrs. Patel. Nandini asks me why you didn’t tell me to clean my name. He asks if you’re going to catch the wilderness, you don’t have to worry about me driving. She says no, I trust you, you can’t hurt anyone. Rajvi slapped Mrs. Patel. Darsh says that I am sorry to call you here, I did not say why I called you, to remove the fault of Nandini’s name is to doubt Mrs. Patel, I got a call from the editor, so I had to do it Nandini said that Vanalta is the sister-in-law of Bansuri. Darshan says I did not tell Nandini my plan.

Excuse me on behalf of Kaki, Nandini said, I will go now. Rajvi asks if anything has happened to you, you have started work. Darsh says that something is wrong with Nandini, it was not her fault, she is a nice girl, she can’t treat anyone badly. Nandini listens to him and wonders why he cares about me. She goes. Darshan says that she had seen Nirala with Ragala, she had come to tell me the truth, when Shamika met me, Nandini made her understand that she was harmed, she made me think of playing Holi without seeing the color. Rajvi seemed right with Shobit, while Darshan liked Nandini. Darsh says I will come. She goes.

Nandini thinks she will ask herself. She remembers Darsh’s words. He is on his way. He got a call from Nandini. He told the driver to stop. He gets down and answers the call. She asks why you clean my name and prove my innocence, why do you worry about me? Darshan says because my mother is the most special, I did not want to be misunderstood as a girl specially made for her. She smiled. He thinks what I said, I am so foolish to admit that she is so special to me. She asks why I am special to you? He says if someone misunderstands you, I can’t stand it. She thinks I can tolerate if someone misunderstands you. Her scarf flies and falls on Darshan’s face. She asks Darshan for her double. Darsh asks were you here? Darsh gives her a double. Your Nazron understood …… .. the game… she was gone.

Rajvi comes to meet Vanalta and teases her. She says you cheated with our family, I know that, Nandini can’t cheat on us, so I found the truth, you sent her to our house. Vanalta wonders why she came. Rajvi says I have come to meet Nandini, you had come in an alliance. In a rich family, I will not allow Nandini to rule. The flute comes. Rajvi says I have come to ask for Nandini’s hand, you are her elder sister, you can decide. Wanalta says I am her mother-in-law, I will decide. Rajvi asks why Bansuri can’t make a decision. Wanalta says Saas’s decision is final. The prince begged her to accept the alliance.

Vanlata says I will not let my enemy’s daughter marry a blind boy, I cannot push Nandini into the dark. Darshan is the best for Nandini, Ravi said, she will be happy in our house, Darshan is not dependent on anyone, he jumped into the river to save Nandini, she loves him, if he can do this for a stranger, he will protect her. Nandini always. Vandalta says that people will laugh at the flute for finding Nandini a blind person. Bansuri asks how can I fix the alliance between Nandini and Darsh? Rajvi says that Darshan can do whatever we do, he has a curiosity for life. Wanalta says, don’t sell him in front of us. She has insulted the audience. Rajvi thinks that if I had not heard a word against Darshan, I would have accepted this insult to get happiness in his life. She says please meet Darshan once, he is the best man for Nandini. Bansuri thinks that Nandini was asking about love, she had fallen in love with Darshan, then I should bless her. If Darshan and Nandini are in love with each other, then who are we to stop them, says Rajvi. “We didn’t fix the old score,” Vanalta says. She gets the coins and throws them at the prince.

Vanlata stops Rajvi. Darvi has strengthened his weakness, says Rajvi. Wildness accepts alliances. Darsh listens to the conversation between Bansuri and Nandini.

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