Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Darsh and Nandini elope – Telly Updates

Written by Aap Nazron on April 6, 2021, written update on TellyUpdates.com

The beginning of the episode Darshan said that my heart knows that you are so beautiful, but I can’t see you with my eyes. Nandini says you saved me from the storm that day and moved the hair from my face, tell me how my hair is. Darsh is called long hair, soft like silk. She asks and my hand, fingers. He says your hands are small, with delicate fingers, you are slender, you have sweets made. She asks my height. He says when you speak I will hear a voice from this level, you 5.4. She knows everything about me. She says you feel like you can’t see me, try to see me in the dark, don’t blink your eyes, you didn’t tell me how much I love you. He is holding her hand and face. He says you look beautiful now. She asks, “How did you know my point was set aside?” He says with the eyes of the mind. She smiled.

Darshan comes home. Shobit sees him smiling. He says you are happy with your mother’s decision, right, you would have asked Nandini, you are sure, you are making a compromise, she would have said that she loves you. Darshan smiles and says that I stopped thinking that I can find true love, but then Nandini came to life, tell me, why did you agree to marry Gunjan, you wanted to have a love marriage, what about Charmi? Shobit cries. He says we are just friends, love is not marriage, not expectation. He got a call from Charmaine. Darsh says you go and meet Gunjan, we should go now, I will meet Nandini. Shobit says no now, we will go tomorrow. Darshan says come and meet her today, let’s go. Darshan and Shojit come to meet Nandini and Gunjan. Nandini asks you here. Shobhit had come to meet Gunjan, says Darsh. Shobit says no, that’s fine. Gunjan asked to come to Darshan. Gunjan is with Ragala. She says I called you to tell you about my marriage. Showbit wonders if Charmaine can forgive me. Ragala says I am married to a rich family girl, she lives in the palace, I will stay with her too. Gunjan hits him. Anger says I don’t know where you get married. He got a call from Nirali and Gunjan is jealous. Gets angry. She shouts that I am going to marry Rawal’s son, you go to your rich daughter, I hate you. Shobit sees. She turned and looked at Shobit.

Nandini said I am very happy for Gunjan, she is getting married to a good boy. He says that once they like each other, my family will fix their wedding, have you thought about your dream wedding? She said leave it, you have to be scared. Does he ask, tell me, your dreams. She says I wanted to run away and get married. He really asks. She said, “Yes, it will be fun to get married like in Hindi movies.” He asks if you are wearing comfortable footwear? Where she asks. He says just run. He grabbed her hand and told her to run. She asks where are we going? Showbit call disconnected. Gunjan thinks he didn’t hear anything, I read. She says you came early. He says, sorry, Darshan insisted, you can ask any personal question. She wonders what I should ask when you have the money. She says what can I ask you.

Nandini asks why we are running. Darsh says you were called your childhood dream. She says childhood is over. He says but the dream is still the same, we will run and get married, come, run. She asks you drink Bhosla on Holi, why are you talking like that, I don’t want to get married. He was sad. What does he ask She says I don’t want to be half married, whatever. He says you’ll know when you get there, come with me. She said no, tell me first. The constable sees him trying to take her with him. He goes to Darshan and shouts and releases her hand. He hits the darshan. He is telling Nandini not to worry, he will beat Darshan. Darsh asks do you think I tease girls? The constable says yes. Nandini says my wedding. The constable asks if he has stopped your marriage. Darshan says take me to the police station. Shobit comes and stops them. He asks what happened brother. Nandini says that I am married to him, he is Darsh Rawal. The constable says sorry, I didn’t recognize you. He goes Shobit smiled. He says that for the second time, someone took you for granted. Shobit was telling Gunjan that he did not have a GF. Darsh asks Do you like humming? Shobit says yes. Darshan hugged him. Darsha says you help us in half marriage. What does Shobit ask? Nandini said she did not know what happened. Darsh says yes, come on. They come to the marriage registrar’s office. Shobit asks why we came here. Darshan says that it was Nandini’s dream to run away and get married.

Darshan says it’s okay to change, but that’s what it is. Darsh says that we fill up the marriage registration form and it will be half married, it will be completed when we take the fee, help to fill the form. Darsh and Nandini sat down to fill out the form. They sign the form. Your Nazron understood. Games. The man says Nandini’s information is already here, she had a previous marriage registration. Nandini cares.

Mopit / Mohan Patel says that Vanlata had promised me to marry Nandini. Nandini asks who is Mohan Patel, I swear I am not cheating on you.

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