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Naveen started the episode by giving omens to Vipul. Mohan comes and shouts to call Vanlata. Naveen says his charm, right. Gunjan says Bane asked me to give a message. She goes out and stops Mohan. Mohan says, your brother has cheated on me, you know I gave her 4000 ST to pay Nandini’s debt, she promised me that she will marry me to Nandini, how will she marry someone else. The flute gives omens and promises the marriage of Nandini and Darshan. Tilak new look and showbiz. Mohan looks at Darshan. He gets angry. The humming stops him. Darsh asks everything is fine. Gunjan says yes. He asks if anyone is here. She says no, the milk seller has come to congratulate, he is gone now. She takes him. Asks who Shobit was. What Mohan asks for my money. Gunjan tells him to leave to put the jewelry. She says now you will go to jail, my parents will come and fulfill her promise, now go. Mohan asks that Vanalta will fulfill his promise. He returns the jewelry. She says yes, go now. He left.

Parul scolds Nirli. She said that Darshan got a good girl, she will not cheat on him, even Shobit’s alliance has been confirmed, Darshan is marrying Nandini, and Shojit is marrying Gunjan. Anger was shocked. Chetan says the wedding moment is days after days, I have also told that date to Rajvi. New says less time. Chetan says that even 6 months will look less, don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Vipul got a call from Rajvi. He says we’re out of here, well, I’ll tell them. He asked Nandini to bring Gunjan home, Rajvi took jewelery and clothes for him. Shobit teased Darshan. The audience laughed. The doctor calls Vipul and says I have good news, new advanced surgery helps to revisit the vision, I mail you the details. Vipul thanks him. He hugged Chetan. Everyone is smiling. Parul says Darshan can see once again. Vipul says we will do Darsh surgery. Darshan will be happy to know this, says Parul. The doctor says I lied to you, if Rajvi knows, my license will be revoked. The woman said don’t worry, nothing will happen, I will see how these marriages take place in the Rawal family. He says you don’t make me do the right thing.

Vipul calls him. She threatens him and answers the call. Vipul asks if there is any danger in this surgery, you are the doctor of Darshan, you would have told us when this operation will take place, we are ready to spend money, will Darshan’s eyes be fine? The doctor says it will take time, the chances are brighter, I’m sure Darshan can see again. Vipul thanks him. He says I wish I could tell Rajvi that she is in the ashram now, she will be very happy. The woman says she can see how Rawal had a vision with a girl in his village, if he knew he could regain his sight.

Vipul asks that Nandini should form an alliance so that if Darshan is seen, he can get a good girl. Darshan Nirali says, believe me, forgive me, I did not want the facts of your marriage to come to light like this. Shobit says we shouldn’t be sorry, we know she has. He gets a call. Nirali says he is right, Darshan I feel really bad, congratulations, I heard someone is happy to have Nandini come. Darsh says I wanted to talk to you about your husband, his name is right with anger. She says yes. Anger comes and sees. Darshan says I met him, but sorry, the meeting was not good. She asks what happened. Anger greets them. Anger apologizes. He says there was a commotion. Shobit says that he has raised his hand to Darsh and abused Nandini. What Nirali asks. Ragala says I didn’t know Darshan couldn’t see. Shobit says, Darshan said when Nandini fell into the pit. Darshan stops him.

Shobit asks how long will you stay here? Darsh says Nirali is like a family, she can stay here as long as she wants. Anger is their pair thinking of doing something. Darsh says sorry. Shobit takes him. The flute asks if you got a piece of clothing? Nandini said I can’t find it anywhere. Gunjan comes and says I’m ready, how I look, I just got these clothes, it’s so good. They laughed. Gunjan says we want to go now. Bansuri says Nandini has to be ready, wait. Gunjan asks why you are not ready before, your respect will decrease when it is late. Nandini said I will stay the same, no matter the clothes, we will go. Gunjan thinks I’m hiding her clothes, I’ll look nice, she’ll look flop, they’ll know who to give omens to. Bansuri hugged Nandini.

Darsh says that this room is also yours, you have to adjust with someone else. That woman is abundant and listens to the doctor’s conversation. The doctor says it is better to stop Darsha’s marriage.

Update credit to: Amena