Actor Kavita Kaushik gets into a heated debate with a doctor on Twitter – Telly Updates

A day ago, actor Anupam Kher revealed that his wife and actor Kieron Kher has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. The entire Bollywood industry was shaken by these things and everyone prayed for her well-being.

However, actor Kavita Kaushik offered him something different and this started a heated discussion on Twitter. First Kaushik tweeted, “Dear @Anupampi. If my father had M-myeloma, chemotherapy would be ineffective again and again because it was repeated, however I would be happy if Ayurvedic doctor’s herbs helped raise creatine levels and cure cancer, I would be happy to tell you the details, you are open to it ”

On this, Dr. Sumaiya Sheikh commented, “If you don’t have a system of treatment, it’s important to mislead people. A case study in the family does not mean that the treatment has been effective. Science requires frequent, continuous effects in a controlled setting in a large group. Glad your dad got back. ”-

Kaushik further replied, “I would always advise people suffering from cancer to take Ayurvedic treatment along with side chemotherapy. If I avoid it, I will lose it after my father’s 5th cycle of chemo because chemo has weakened his body.” Any other treatment! But yes I will “lead” with experience and example! ”-

When Dr. Sheikh said, “Chemo destroys fast growing cells. In the process it destroys cancer cells. There is no cure for selecting specific cell types and avoiding others. That would be ideal but it is not possible. Leading by the example of being uncertain and not endangering the lives of others. ”-

Kaushik replied, “After 3 years of chemo treatment, I know that it destroys all the cells in the body and the money you doctors make from it is no secret. You go ahead and run your business but don’t stop others. Also pay attention to alternative treatments!” Have a nice day, throw a hellfire kiss ”-

So far, this is the last conversation between the two and it is surprising that something more happens out of it.