Akanksha Puri REACTS to engagement rumors with Mika Singh – Telly Updates

Actress Akanksha Puri had brought this up when she had her ex-Paras Chabra in the house of Bigg Boss and both of them had washed their dirty linen in public. Their relationship ended very quickly since Chhabra made his statement on Puri from a literal breakup in the show.

However, her recent closeness to singer Mika Singh has caused a lot of rumors and everyone is curious as to whether the two are in a relationship. In fact, the two were recently spotted going to the gurdwara together and fans speculate that they are all involved.

In an interview with Itimes, Puri explained, “He (Mika Singh) was on a path to his residence, it was done for positivity and good luck for the future. I ”

She went on to say, “I just went there to get the blessing but it seems like people are thinking something different !! And I’ve known each other for over 12 years now, it’s like a family, it’s always been for me and we share a very strong bond !! But of course, we’re not involved or we have no such plans !! “

She added, “Initially we both laughed at these comments but now fans have started sending gifts, flowers and cakes and I think I have clarified this. I know, our fans love to see us together but sorry it doesn’t happen !! It’s not from any song shoot, not from any scandal, just our pictures and videos from yesterday’s ‘Path’. ”

Well, it erases everything at once.