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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 1 April 2021 Written Part, Written Update On

The episode begins with Baby crying Babu saying that she is not an outsider but his family. Babu tells Kaushalya that the baby does not agree to marry Preet as per his wish and tells him to go and take her back. Kaushalya said you have promised her. Babu says I promised her I would not stop her and I did not promise not to bring her back. Kaushalya and Jagannath tried to stop him, citing health reasons. Babu says I have to go and protect her, I’m fine. He takes their blessing and leaves. Anuradha asks Pratap, how can this be done, how can the baby be brought from her in-laws. Pratap says he has done this for her upliftment. Anuradha said Baby is someone’s wife and daughter-in-law. She says she now has her own family. Pratap says I wanted to give her a happy life. Anuradha said let her make her own decision, it is better that she refused to marry Preet. The baby washes his face and sees her washing with vermilion water. She thinks she called him and she thought she had promised him. She says it’s good for everyone. Babu reaches Benaras and thinks he will take the baby from there. Oh Ranjhana Way plays… The baby sees the heavy wind and says Babu. Preet jumped into her room and abducted her, making her smell chloroform. He says no one can separate you from me. He takes the unconscious baby in his car. Babu comes home and asks Lata where is the baby? Lata says I know you will come. Babu says Baby doesn’t want to get married, I know she’s under pressure. They came into the room and found the room cluttered and her slippers there. They were shocked.

Preet locked the baby in the factory. The baby cries for help. Preet says you are regretting why you refused earlier. He says we will have a reception after the wedding. His goons bring Panditji there to marry him. The baby says there will be no marriage, let me go. She says you are not doing well, says she is married and Babu is her husband. Preet called Pratap and told him that he was marrying the baby and if he did not marry her, he would kill her. Pratap says nothing will happen to her. He ends the call and tells everyone that Preet has abducted the baby and says that if she doesn’t sign the divorce papers by evening, the baby will be killed. Babu promises that he will bring the fine and find her everywhere. He promises Pratap.

Pandit Ji says that you will not sin to marry a married woman. Preet threatened him. Baby Says You Think You Will Marry Me? Preet said do you think your uneducated husband will stop me? When you don’t consider him your mate, why do you think about him? He asks do you think Babu will come here to beat me. Baby hops babu come there. The baby says your marriage was fake, thank you for getting rid of that fake relationship. The baby remembers Babu and her moments. She says Babu will definitely come, as I understand I have been kidnapped. She says that this relationship may be fake for you, but Babu is taking care of his relationship and family members. She says I am a member of his family and says if you can handle his Rudra incarnation, he asks. Babu is still looking for the baby.

Anuradha, Pratap and Lata ask people near the temple about Baby and Preet. Preet said, this time my wish will come true. He calls his goons and asks Baby if she trusts Babu so much? He says that he will marry her only when he becomes her widow. He tells his goons to beat Babu and then shoots him in both eyes, so that he can understand what will happen if he messes with him. The goons laugh. Seeing Preet’s car, Babu stops his bike and finds a broken piece there.

Preet tells the baby that her father has harmed her since childhood. He says he has brought many jewelery items and sarees for her wedding. Baby asks him to put a bracelet on his hand. Preet put her hand on her but stopped. He talks about their wedding night and asks her to sign the divorce papers. He says their love story will start after she gives her hints. Baba refused to sign and Babu refused to divorce. Preet forced her to sign. At that moment, Babu comes there and beats the goons. He tells Preet to leave the baby, if not. The baby shouts Babu ू .Preet tries to take the baby from there, but Babu hits him on the head. Love hides on Babu’s head.

Prep: Baby attacks her head and faints. Preet told his goons to run away as the baby would not survive.

Update credit to: H Hassan