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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby March 25, 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with Babu making baby jalebi. She tells him to take her to the room. He wakes her up and leads her into the room. The baby says she has won the challenge and is told to walk away. She pushes him. He falls on the wall. She says sorry and turns him over to her. His face color is applied to her face. They look at each other. She looks at the two babus and asks if he is his twin. She calls everyone and shouts and calls them ghosts. Babu tells her to rest and says that if anyone understands that she is drunk, everyone will laugh at her. She says the world is constantly revolving. Preet told his father to go and told him that he would celebrate Holi and come.

The baby asks the babu why she speaks rudely to him and then takes care of him. She asks why she is not stable. Babu says you don’t know why you see different aspects of me. The baby asks her if she doesn’t like him and she’s upset with him. She says she doesn’t treat him well because she doesn’t feel like a husband. She says she heard him say that for humanity he saved her from the fire, because she is his wife. She says, well, you are not important to me either, one day everything will end and you will ask why you are irritable and useless. She hugged him. She thinks she told the truth in the cannabis result. He thinks now I know you hate me and I’m not satisfied. He says he will leave and go back to his village. He says you will be happy with your family here. I got my answers. Preet searches for the baby. Anuradha asks Lata about Baby and Babu. Lata says they are together. What does the baby say? You’re talking about leaving me. Babu says you just said there’s nothing left. The baby says okay, then go away. Babu goes out.

Preet is coming there. The baby cries. Seeing Preet Babu going out, she ran to Baby’s room. Babu fell out of the house and remembers the moment with her. Preet falls there. The baby asks if the baby has arrived and if you have returned. Preet says baby, how far can I go from you. The baby tells him to go. He says I didn’t come to go. Preet asks how that villager can come into us. Baby don’t ask him for her. Preet said I know you know, I saw what happened on the wedding night and told her not to show anger. The baby tells him to leave. Preet pushed her on the bed. She got up and said I would tell Papa. Preet says he is out and I am the protagonist of this story, what is your problem? He says I love you and will prove it.

Babu thinks the baby is in trouble. Preet attacked the baby and put tears on her clothes. He was aware that someone was coming and told the baby that he was gone now, but would return later to express his love. The baby is scared. Babu came back and hit Preet. He came into the room and saw her sitting there scared. He covered her. She fled in panic. He says I am Babu. He gets angry and runs. He grabs Preet at the Holi venue and beats her. Everyone is shocked. Preet asked to save Pratap. Babu says I did not kill him for anger, jealousy or ego. I punished him for the bad things he did. What does Pratap ask? Babu says Preet himself will admit his guilt and asked to tell what he did with the baby Anuradha and Pratap were shocked.

Prep: Babu asked Baby to answer Preet and slapped him hard.

Update credit to: H Hassan