Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kaushalya stands with Baby in her testing times

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The episode started after Babu and Baby returned to the village. Baba told the baby that she had done nothing wrong. Baby says what do we tell those who ask me questions. Babu says I will not tell anyone and tell her to come. Kaushalya sees Babu holding his hand. The queen asks why the sister-in-law is silent. Kaushalya asks Rani to bring Aarti Thali and says that she will welcome Lakshmi with all due respect. The queen brings Aarti. Kaushalya does her aarti and says that when her arm came she thought she was in a trance, but she was arrogant. She asks why she is standing with her head down today and asks if you have committed any crime, or who has been harmed. She says you did nothing wrong, so stand on your head. She says to put the lady’s head down her neck and not feel bad. Sukanya says what are they doing? She says something must have happened in Benares. Babu asks Kaushalya who told her about the incident. Skill tells that she punished Baby when she was wrong, but today she is innocent and she will not hesitate to love him. She tells the baby to go and take care of her.

Babu comes into the room and jokes with her, makes her smile. The baby says your joke was bad, but good effort. Babu tells her to call if needed. She finds cockroaches and roar. She hides behind him. Babu says that he has brought a cockroach to make her laugh. The baby says Champa Kali came here. Babu asks who? Says the baby lizard. Babu says she doesn’t want anything from Mayak. Baby tells the lizard to go and tells Baba that now he knows his weakness. She goes to bed. Babu says his fear, and her smile will work for him. The baby smiled.

Kamini tells Nidhi that the baby relationship will not last 2 days. She talks to a lawyer. The lawyer says your work will be done. Kamini says Kaushalya may not have thought this day would definitely feel like it. Nidhi asks what did you do? Kamini said that it will bring a storm in the wedding of Babu and baby and it will destroy them.

Sukanya tells Komal’s father that no customer had come since morning and Mishra’s wife was looking at her and making faces. A boy comes there and the villager says that Babu Masala cannot leave the village. Babu and baby listen to them.

The queen went out to buy bangles. The sarpanch’s son teases her. The queen says my father and brother will kill you. Her younger brother sees and goes to inform Baba. The sarpanch’s son teases the queen. Babu comes and beats him. The sarpanch’s son asked his wife to tell him what he had done in the city. He says you lay your hands on me here and your wife is having a romance with her boyfriend. Babu yells at him. The Sarpanch’s son says what kind of man are you, you are letting your wife have a romance with another and stopping me from molesting your sister. Babu beats him. Sukanya takes the queen from there. Sarpanch’s son was surrounded by goons. He says you want everyone to hate that girl and tell her to leave. He says it will be better if you agree, and if you don’t, your parents will lose respect. Jagannath says the villagers should decide and go. Sarpanch’s son Kamini’s lawyer met him and asked him to send Baby to the city.

Sukanya confronted Kaushalya and Babu for hiding the truth and endangering the lives of the girls. Babu says he will not let anything happen to his sisters. Sukanya agrees. The baby told the father that he would agree with the villagers. Akhilesh sees Lalu provoking the villagers and coming to Babu’s house. He warns Babu. Akhilesh and the villagers throw glass bottles at Babu’s house with the message.

Prekap: Pratap comes to the village with Preet and says that the latter son had come to marry Baby. They say that if they want everything to be fine, the baby should marry Preet. The baby agrees to push the baby.

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