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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 2 April 2021 Written Part, Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Preet tries to kill Babu and the baby comes between them and hits her on the head. Babu is worried. Preet told his goons to flee. Babu takes the babies to the hospital. Pratap feels guilty. The doctor comes and says he has to have surgery. Babu says nothing will happen to her. They see her through the window pane as they operate in OT. Babu remembers their wedding. He comes to the temple temple and prays to God to save him, he will not ask for anything else. The doctor comes out and says the patient is out of danger. Babu thanks God. Then he comes to the baby and asks if she is OK. The baby laughs and shakes her head. He says, go home and give me your hand. She gets up and hugs Pratap. Babu takes the blessings of Pratap. He brings the baby home. The baby touches the skill foot and the head hurts. Babu wakes her up and takes her to the room. He takes care of her and gives her water. He gives her medicine. Kaushalya and Jagannath were happy to see them. Then the baby wakes up and sees Babu smiling. What she said yes. He laughs and laughs at nothing. The next day Babu comes to the room. The baby says that you came suddenly as if there was an earthquake and the bottle of vermilion fell down. Babu says, if something happens to you, I will bring an earthquake to the earth, I will take vermilion from the market and fill her hair with the remaining vermilion. They have eye locks. The queen tells them to come.

Sukanya tells everyone that guests are coming. Skills Don’t ask her, because Bridge is a simple man. Sukanya says that in fact this alliance has brought Akhilesh’s mother Sarla for her relatives. Everyone is shocked. Kaushalya says that she will not allow Komal to get married in Akhilesh’s house. Sukanya tells her her own arguments and tells her she will make the decision. The baby says the girl and the boy will love each other. Sukanya says the man saw her at the fair and just like her. Baby says he will love Komal too. Babu agrees with Baby. Sukanya asked Kaushalya to understand that Baby should not interfere. She says she will not intervene if someone does something wrong. Jagannath says Babu is not wrong. Skillfully told Baby and Babu not to give Sukanya any advice or counsel.

Lalu comes to Babu and asks him to come out. Babu says that Sarla and Akhilesh are coming here so he can’t leave Baby alone. The boy says he thinks Babu is in love with the baby. Lalu asks him about the changes that have taken place in him. Babu says he no longer eats much and constantly thinks of the baby. Lalu says this is called love. He tells him to go and ask the baby. The boy will ask him to give him a baby, a bracelet. Babu thinks he will take her out to see a movie, have a gossip, go out by the river and then give her a bungalow. Lalu and the boy smiled. Babu slaps them and tells them to go. She is thinking about how to wear her bracelets. The queen gives the letter to Baby and it is sent by Babu. The baby feels shy. If the brother expresses love, the queen says. The baby says Babu will not do it. She read that he called her to say something. Skill comes there and tells the queen to go. She says that being the most, you have a responsibility for the house and asked her to have breakfast. The baby is worried.

Prep: Akhilesh insults Babu. The baby challenged him that Babu would become the richest man in the village in a week. Babu is worried.

Update credit to: H Hassan