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In this case, Babu Sarpanch’s son Akhilesh and other villagers are seen throwing bottles of fire in the house. He reads their message that he should either choose his wife or the villagers get angry. He says the message is definitely written by the uneducated Akhilesh and he will reply to them. Skill stops Babu. Babu says he wants to teach Akhilesh a lesson. Baby holds his hand and tells him to take care. Ranjana plays plays. He goes to Akhilesh and says that he is alone. He goes inside the wrestling order and says you’re still the same, you want respect, but don’t know how to write. Akhilesh asked if he wanted to be a teacher and where is your stick. Babu says my hands are enough for you. He sees Akhilesh’s goons coming there. Akhilesh says you have two hands, I have 20 hands, I will see where I am going. Skillfully saw Baby praying to God that today Babu went to protect her neck and asked to protect Babu. Sukanya and Rani also listen to her.

Akhilesh told his men to start the game. Baba beat the goons in the sound of wrestling. Akhilesh gets angry and says I gave you money, beat him. The goon kills Babu. Babu has respected the goons. The baby sees Diya leaving and tells her that she has to go to Babu. Kaushalya and Jagannath try to stop her, but she says she can’t forgive herself if anything happens to Babu. She goes out of the house. Jagannath says he can’t find Babu. Lalu says Akhilesh is also missing. Jagannath asks Mohan to inquire from his friends. Skill anxiety. Babu gets injured. Akhilesh’s men caught him. The baby arrives and is shocked. Akhilesh says your city wife will return. Babu calls him a village dog and tells him that his wife will only live in Purbia. Akhilesh tells his goons to beat him up unless he agrees. They beat him and he was seriously injured. The baby is teased and the police jeep is ringing. Akhilesh tells his goons to run away and then they find out that someone is fooling them. He goes to the baby and holds her hand. She played that music as he says. Akhilesh brings her to the wrestling ring and tells her to go to town. Babu gets up and hits Akhilesh on the forehead. Akhilesh’s men beat him. Baby yells and tries to stop them.

Akhilesh tells his men to leave him and says that if he does not agree tomorrow, they beat him again. They leave him. The baby comes to the baby. Babu asks if she is OK and unconscious. Baby tells him to get up and takes him to the push cart. She tells him to keep his eyes open. She takes him to the clinic. Preet’s father Pratap comes here with Preet. Pratap asks if you think his crimes will be washed away? Preet’s father says that your daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law have done injustice to my son. He says if Preet wants to do penance, you will not agree. He says there is a way, your respect will not go away and the baby’s complaints will end and this can be forgotten as a nightmare. There is a way, he says. Preet said I made a big mistake, but if the villagers knew about it, they would kill the baby. They ask Pratap to ask. The baby takes care of the baby and thinks about him.

Skills came there in the morning and found the seated baby asleep holding his hand. She puts her hand on her head. The baby says sorry. Skills tells her to rest and tells me I can’t eat anything until then. The father became aware and held the baby’s hand. The baby is happy and asks if he is OK. Skill becomes happy and embraces him. Pratap comes there and says he came because she was missing. Baby says I even missed you. She sees Preet there and asks what are you doing here, get out of here. Babu says he will be buried in the field right now. Pratap stops Babu and says Preet came with me. He tells the baby that whatever he decides for her will be right. The baby asks what do you want to say? Pratap says that this place is not safe for you and your stay here is not safe for everyone here. He says he heard the villagers beat him and asked her to come with him. The baby says that Babu will protect me and Amma makes me feel better. Kaushalya says he will be imprisoned. Babu says that if he stays here now, it will be the same… Pratap says that Preet has settled this and marriage of Preet and Baby is the solution

Prep: The Lord emotionally blackmailed Babu to release him and for Preet’s earlier safety. The baby agrees and leaves the house.

Update credit to: H Hassan