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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby March 31, 2021 Written Part, Written Update on

The episode starts with saying that Baby’s marriage with Preet is an affair with Preet. Babu asks what nonsense you are talking about, father-in-law, you wanted to marry this cruel man, baby. Pratap asks what to do, whether he can save the child from the clutches of the people, from court cases. He asks if there was a situation between the baby and his family. Babu says the baby is not an outsider but a member of my family. The FIR will be filed and my daughter-in-law will get justice, says Kaushalya. Pratap says that neither the father nor the baby are happy in marriage and do not love each other. Their marriage was compromised and I instructed them to divorce. Babu shouts and says that I will not tolerate this, says I will not hesitate to argue with you. The baby says he is my father. Babu tells her to make a deal with Pratap and leave. Baby takes Pratap aside and asks how he can think of her marriage with her. She says you want to marry my molested person. Pratap says Preet was drunk. Baby says his actions can never be justified, I never liked it. Pratap asks her to ask about Babu and his family and says that their honor will be destroyed. The baby thinks of Babu. She comes to him and follows him. Baba asked the baby if she explained it to her father. The baby goes to Skills and thanks her for their support. She apologizes for the insult. She says that if anything had happened to Babu, neither you nor I could have forgiven myself. She says that I am ready to divorce my father and marry Preet. Pratap took a breath. She says that soon she will sign the documents and ask Pratap to come. Babu asks her if she is crazy. The baby says let me go. Babu says I do not accept your decision. The baby says it’s in everyone’s best interest. Pratap tells Babu to let go of his daughter’s hand and says that this girl was not born just to live in this filth. Babu says she is my wife and she doesn’t know what he meant. He says we won’t go. Baby says I can’t risk my life for you. She tells him to make a promise and tells her not to stop, listen to his wife for the last time. Jagannath tells her not to go and says we are all your family. Skills says I won’t hit you and I won’t tell you anything, please don’t go. The queen tells her not to go. The baby looks at the baby. Oh Ranjanve Natakam

They remember their wedding. The baby goes out of the house. They come by car. Baby Hanuman looks at the temple and tells Pratap that she wants to stay there someday. She goes to the temple and thinks of Babu. She takes the car keys from Preet and asks if they are going together. Preet explains what the problem is when we are going to be together. Baby slaps him and tells him to forget to marry her and says I will never marry a cheap man like you. She reminded him that she was already married. Pratap says you had agreed to get married. The baby says she agreed to leave because she did not want to risk her life. She says she is angry at sin for being on Preet’s side and says she will never get married. She asks Pratap to sit in the car. Pratap sat in the car. Baby driver off. Preet thinks about how he will go now. The baby comes home and goes to her room. She thinks of making a promise to Baba. Oh Ranjha plays खेळ .Preet comes to the desi wine shop in the village and drinks alcohol. He gets angry. He calls someone and asks to get something, this time saying the game will be big and he won’t lose.

Prep: Babu tells Kaushalya that he has to go and get the baby back. Preet kidnaps Baby and takes her somewhere. He calls Pratap and tells him that if he marries the baby, he will kill her. Pratap says nothing will happen to her. Scream for baby help.

Update credit to: H Hassan