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Nakhini informs Pakhi Nandini about the family picnic. Nandini says it is good for Vanraj and Anusha. Pakhi says that she and Ba have planned a trip for him and he wants to bring them closer through this trip. Nandini said that is really nice. The bird leaves. Listening to their conversation, Kavya asks Nandini what the bird is talking about. Nandini said she has no business. Kavya said she has heard about the picnic and wants to know what else she has to say. Nandini said well she didn’t hear anything. Kavya thinks that she has heard of Mummy Papa’s trip and should find out what the bird’s plan is because V needs to be careful and vigilant until V’s divorce is complete and can’t trust her family.

Rakhi was getting into her car and she was reminded of Pakhi’s words that she would be Kinjal’s younger sister-in-law / MIL and Anuchi’s presence in that house is good for Kinjal and if Kavya goes to that house she will express her anger on Kinjal, so she can ‘. Let it happen. Ba calls her as she is busy packing her bags. She asks if she is going somewhere? Ba is called a picnic. She said her beta and arm are getting divorced and she is busy planning the trip. Ba says Vanraj and Anu are also coming and telling them not to tell anyone about her plan. She swore to Bachi. Ask her out well if she is no longer absorbed in the connection. At that point, she says, she should name the poem. Ba smiles and explains her plan. The crow visited Vanraj on his family trip. Vanraj says they are only going to nearby places. Kavya has hinted that she is silent until the divorce and will not listen to him even after that. He tries to show her a notice of divorce but stops to look at her rude behavior. Rakhi hopes that the Bachi scheme will work and the differences between Vanraj and Anu will soon become clear as Kavya enters the house. Ba said that before that, she would fry and joke the poor of Dasi Ki Karoti. Rakhi wished her well and hoped that Bachi’s plan would be successful and that everything would go wrong as Kavya was injured .. Wanraj returned to his room and wondered why he was not happy as the divorce date was approaching.

Ba and Pakhi again pray to God for the supremacy of Kavya and Vanraj and say that her Vanraj and Anu is her Radha Krishna and God should not separate them. Let’s say Bapuji is ready for the trip. Mamaji jokes. Gather the family. Ba goes to Anu’s room and brings her in a Punjabi suit. Vanraj is mesmerized by her beauty and laughs while others laugh. Anu Lajli. Ba said she was ashamed as if she was wearing something other than a Punjabi suit. Bapuji says that even if he wears a painted shirt, he doesn’t mind. Kinjal said mummy looks so beautiful. Mamaji jokes again. Bapuji says that if time changes with right, it is wrong. Vanraj completes Anula as she appears in the suit and asks why she is not wearing the suit. Anu was reminding him that she was shouting not to wear suits and nights and says he doesn’t like suits. She says her preferences change from time to time and she says she can wear anything now after a divorce. At 422 years of age, she remembers being cursed for exercising. She says she is 0 years old. He even says it. He says he always is. She says yes.

They both walk to the family. Ba says, Vanraj and Anu will come on a two-wheeler as they will sit in other cars. Anu asks her how she can do it. Ba asks her if she and Bapuji want him to come on the bike. Mamaji jokes again. Ba says Anu is still Vanraj’s wife and has not divorced yet. Kinjal said she would hire a taxi. Ba teases her. Anu agrees. Vanraj brought the bike and Anu sat down shyly. Pakhi asks Bala why Mummy is sitting so restless and he hopes that they will clear their inbindings soon. Kavya is envious of Vanraj and Anu riding a two-wheeler and definitely thinks of his family’s plan to stop the divorce.

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