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Under the bhang effect, Anu paints the deprived monkey and keeps smiling. Vanraj asks what is this? Kavya is standing in a fit of rage and shock and she is running away from there. Anu continued her strange deeds. Vanraj scolded her for her own behavior and shut her mouth. Anu says that she lived as he wished for 25 years and did not play Holi because of him, he did what he wanted and forced her to do what she wanted. Jahapan: Saying Tusi Great Ho, she laughs and rides her bike again.

At the Holi festival site, Samar and Pakhi explore Anucha. Ba tells them to go out and find out. Kavya gets irritated and says that Anu is in Vanraj’s room. Rakhi thinks why Kavya is not conscious till now, what did she see in Vanraj’s room? The family returned and stood stunned by Anu’s strange actions. Anu questioned the house and asked why the floor was laid. Ba asks her what happened to her. Anu asks what happened to Ba Bata, does she have cold / milk? Rakhi realizes that she has cannabis milk. Kinjal puts her on the swinger. Anu said Ba is sitting on this swinger, looking at her through binoculars and teasing her; She didn’t bless him once and she took out her mother-in-law’s anger on her daughter-in-law. Why can’t the mother-in-law of the world consider her daughter-in-law as a daughter, if that happens then all the fights will end and there will be no mother-in-law serial. ‘ Or arm; Bala wanted to bring a well-educated and cultured arm for his son, but got a place to make an arm; It took Bala many years to realize her value, she would cry a lot and soak many pillows; However Ba is, she is her Ba. Reminds her of how Bane cried during Dolly’s farewell, and says that Ba will cry more as she leaves the house; Ba is just standing there. Ba tells her to stop. Anu said there is no bus or train and make her turn on the swinger. The family feels bad because Anula feels bad.

Kavya came back to Nandini’s house and stopped her anger by remembering that Anune had touched Vanraj. Anu then goes to Bapuji and asks if he is supporting her now, why he has not supported her before; She knows he wants peace in the home, but tolerating wrongdoing is silence, not peace; If he hadn’t let Bala stop his education, she wouldn’t be like this. She remembers how Rakhi insulted her during the alliance between Toshu and Kinjal and if she had been educated, the marriage would have been easy and Rakhi would not have been ashamed to call her Sadhana. Bapuji apologizes to her and says that her mother-in-law and husband / husband do not want her to study, they did not quarrel with them and did not allow her to study and always insulted her as uneducated. Anu says that if she had been educated, she would have been smart in a big office like Kavya and working on English like Kinjal and Rakhi etc.

Nandini asks Kavya how will she know what Anu is in Vanraj’s room? Kavya announcement don’t tease her anymore. Nandini asks do they just have the copyright to make issues? Kavya is constantly shouting and she had gone to meet Vanraj. Nandini asked why she went there the next day after making so many plays. Kavya says that Pakhi did the play and reminded Nandini and Samar of the mistake. Nandini says he made a mistake and never told her again, but Kavya is so proud and resolute that she is repeating her mistakes. Kavya slaps her and she remembers being her aunt.

Anu pampers the bird and says it’s all her life and she loves them so much; Children have the right to be angry with their mother, but the mother does not have this right and can only love children; Everyone understands that Samar is dearest to her, but she is dearest to Samar and she understands, he always follows her, but not only on the day of Shivratri. Kavya is so shocked that whenever she goes to Vanraj’s room, Ba and Pakhi intervene and today Anu enters her and Vanraj’s room; They are trying to separate her from V, but she will marry V after the divorce and will not bother even if someone dies.

Prepape: In a state of unconsciousness, Anu tells Vanraj that Radha loves Kanhaji as much as he loved her, but he never loved her.

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