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Rakhi brings a bottle of water from the fridge and sees Mamaji standing behind her and asks why she came back. Asked her if she couldn’t sleep and why she came in through the window. She slapped him and told him to go or she would call Bala. Mamaji leaves. Rakhi noticed the kitchen window open and wondered if anyone had really entered through the window. The lady thief entered Bacha’s room. Ba asks her Rakhi if she brought water? She said yes. Ba asks her why she doesn’t speak and asks if she’s not naked. The thief runs away. Ba the thief runs out screaming. Wake up the whole family. Kinjal and Pakhi run after the thieves. The thief threw the shawl on Rakhi and fled. Mamaji holds her and she yells at her. Return the power. Mamaji realizes that she is Rakhi and asks where the thief is. Kinjal and Pakhi bring thieves. The thieves pleaded that she had come to steal because her children were hungry. Ba asks her why she is not working. She says no one hired her. Rakhi picked up the phone to call the police. Bane snatches the phone from her and asks the thief if she will stop stealing if she gets a job. The thief agrees. Ba said she would give him a job and come back tomorrow morning. The thief grabs Bacha’s leg and says that if there was someone in her place, they would have handed her over to the police. Rakhi says he would have definitely done it. Ba pays the thieves and tells her to get food for her children. The thief thanks her and leaves. Rakhi asks Bala why she paid the thieves instead of surrendering to the police. Ba says she was a mother and not a thief, she was stealing. Bapuji puts Bala on his back. Ba said she would be happy to see the thief’s son’s face. Rakhi says Ba is very sensitive. Ba says we will go and sleep. Mamaji leaves with her good night wishes. Rakhi said that after the divorce, Anu will miss all the dramas in the house. Ba teases her for not saying that. Rakhi prays that Anu stays here. Ba asks God to hear Rakhi’s prayer.

The next morning, Baa worships Tulsi and tells Thakurji that she is Leela, not Anupama, and that Anupama should continue to worship here. Anu Video calls her and says she is calling her through someone’s phone. Ba says he is worshiping in her place. Anup said that she should get in the habit of performing pooja every day in her absence. Ba threatens her and asks when she will return home. Anu said they are not strictly allowed in the curfew. It would not be good if Ba and her monkey stayed there together for years or at least 1-2 weeks. Anu says that on the last day of her divorce, she wanted to spend time with her family. Ba shouts and asks about Vanraj as he doesn’t want to say that. Anu says he is sleeping in another room. Ba teases her again. Their discussion continues. Don’t worry so Ra has to give it to her company so Ba asks her and everyone here is fine. Anu takes the name of each member of the family. Ba says all is well. Vanraj calls Anula and she leaves. Ba thanks God that Vanraj is calling her Anu from Anupama.

Kinjal hurriedly woke up hearing the alarm and felt dizzy. Seeing the poem makes you smoke. Kavya asks if V and Anu are back. Ba says they have gone to a resort and tells her to stay away from her as if she is away from her. Kavya says that she and Pakhi are planning to send Vanraj and Anula to the resort alone and she looks happier. Ba, if a tree called the brain grows in her head, she should use it and stay away from her family. Kavya says in her dreams, she will soon enter this house as Vanrajā€™s wife. Ba warns her to stop dreaming and lose. Kavya sighed. Kinjal Bala walks, she feels good morning and dizzy. Ba hurriedly runs into her anxiety. Rakhi held Kinjal on time.

Vanraj Video called Kavya. Kavya shouts that now she has time from her wife. He says he is stuck at the resort because of the curfew. She is shouting that he can come if he wants, but he wants to have fun with his wife there. She keeps screaming. If he asks her to come and take him if possible. She gets into the cab and urges the driver to take her to the resort. He says there is a curfew. She says she didn’t care and was forced to drive.

Baa and Rakhi ask Kinjala if she is OK? Kinjal said she now feels dizzy even when she wakes up. Bala was happy to think she was pregnant and moved aside to talk to Rakhi. Rakhi tells Kinjal to rest. The bird gives her water. Kinjal’s phone rings to send pictures to Samar. She told Pakhi that she had to send some costume design pictures to Samar for the dance competition. The bird said she would do it. Sameer reminded Anu and Vanraj that Anu had abused him.

Prep: As Vanraj returns home, Anula asks when he will tell the family about the divorce proceedings. Kavya thinks of informing the family about it and robbing them of their happiness. When Anu and Wanraj returned, Kavya beat her up saying that they had gone on a picnic days before the divorce.

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