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Your time will also come 26 March 2021 Written part, written update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Rani Veer saying that she has evidence and will not sacrifice him for the real culprit. Veer says she can’t go to jail. The queen said, “She”, which means Vikram is not guilty but someone from this house did. The queen thanks Veer and says that you unknowingly helped me, now I am only one step away from finding the real culprit. Veer says we won’t let her take this one step. The queen is about to leave when her mangalsutra gets stuck in Veer’s shirt. Veer says you know how your loved one feels when he goes to jail, I want to suffer the same. He pleads and says he can’t take it anymore. He begs her to find him. The queen says I understand but what you are doing is wrong. My father was innocent but you are trying to save the guilty. She further said that she has seen her father behind bars and she will not be seen there. She left.

The queen beat Vikram. Vikram gives her the thread to tie her. She tied the thread in her hand. She says that from now on you are not just my brother-in-law but my brother. She asks him to help her find the real culprit. Vikram tells her that they will fight for Veer and save him at any cost. He says it’s clear my first case is getting nervous. So I put my hand on my heart and say, “Your time will come”.

Rajeshwari is worried as the next hearing is after Holi and she has no plans. She thinks she has to make a decision now and that too now. Veer tells Rajeshwari that he will go to jail and she doesn’t have to worry. She says I can’t sacrifice you to save someone. She says she has decided, she will reveal the truth. I will tell the police everything before this secret reveals itself. Veer snatched her phone from her hand, telling her not to call the police. He says we promise that everything will be solved. He told her to trust him.

The queen calls Birju and asks him to find a tea vendor because she thinks you are hiding something. The queen’s father comes to Birju’s house and tells him that his father is going home because his mother is ill. He says that once he has settled the situation, we will inform the queen.

Everyone in the Rajawat family is taking care of Veer and is sad. The queen arrives and changes the ambience by ordering sweets and telling the servants to go to work. She says she knows you’re all worried but I assure you everything will be fine and Veer won’t go to jail. She went on to say that they have the best lawyers in town. Everyone joins the wave of celebration.

The next morning the family prayed to the goddess. Everyone asks what you want. He prays that he will go to prison. The queen also prays that the hero will be safe and that the real culprit will be caught. Kumud is asked to bring a plate for Holi. Raj Mata criticizes the color on the foreheads of family members and says that this is how they play Holi. The queen decided to show them the real Holi. She throws paint at them. Kiara slaps her and says what did you do. Vikram also puts color on Kiara’s face and from there onwards everyone accepts Rajeshwari and the way Veer starts playing Holi.

Jaisingh also joins the party and tries to play Holi with Rani. Veer comes to her aid and asks the queen to take a special color for Jayasinghe. The queen painted Jaisingh’s face black. Veer says it suits you. Seeing Jayasinghe painted black, Nandani got scared and ran away. Vikram boils Rani to give color to Veeram. The hero resists but the queen runs after him as she is the queen. Raj’s mother tries to intervene and says let him go tomorrow so as not to bother him. Veer decides to play Holi to maintain the spirit of celebration. They all paint the sky in the colors of Holi. Veer sees Rajeshwari tense and assures her that everything will be fine. She says she’s scared tomorrow. She said no matter what decision is made tomorrow, she will lose. Vikram got in the middle of the conversation and took him away.

Rani told Rajeshwari that she has heard her talk to Veer and I also know that she also knows the real culprit. She asked him to name the real culprit as he wanted to save Veer. She said how dare you talk to me like that. Rajeshwari tells her to stay within her limits. She said that your position is that of a servant and you should think without serving anything else. The queen gets a call from Birju, asking her to look for evidence. He says he has found real criminal evidence.

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