Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Your time will also come 8 April 2021 Written part, written update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Vikram says we haven’t eaten anything. Please eat a little. Veer eats. Vikram says police are searching for Rani. We’ll find her soon. Don’t worry. The queen will teach them a lesson herself. Vikram got angry. Veer hugs him and says I will fix everything. Nandini looks at him. She says how can I stop all this to Jay. My brothers are very upset.

Nandini calls Jay. Nandini says you should leave Rani. You can’t do this. Everyone is really worried. Jay says I’m doing this for Rani Sa. Nandini said please stop all this. He says you care about her? She says I care about my family. If anyone knew, they would go crazy. He says I will go to jail. I need your name too. Do you want me to go to jail Once the queen comes out I leave the queen.

Scene 2
Ramo comes to Jaya. He says find the queen. He says we are trying. Says Ramo. He says the police are watching everywhere. Ramo says don’t tell Rani Sala. She is already nervous.

Vijay met Veer. Veer says we went there but we were late. Vijay says we are trying too. Veer says they shouldn’t know you’re involved. Jay calls out to the queen. Veer says where is the queen? He says there are only 26 hours left now. Veer says talk to the queen. Jay says look at how your queen is resting. The queen faints and asks for water. Veer says give her water. He says only after the queen comes out. Veer sat distressed.

Jay tells Rani that you will cry here without taking revenge on me. The queen said I will find Veer. He is there for me. She remembers how he saved her every time. Veer says I will save the queen at all costs. I will teach that kidnapper a lesson.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari is sitting restlessly in jail. Veer is upset about the queen. He remembers his moments with the queen. Veer says Rani .. her condition. I want to give her that injection. He takes out the injection and says I can give her this injection. Ramo comes. He is crying. The hero hugs him. VEer says don’t worry. I will bring the queen back. Remo says how did all this happen? Veer says I will make his life hell? Ramo says I’m really worried. The kidnapper calls. Ramo says let me speak. Veer says let me handle it. Birju says let’s talk. He will handle.

Jay calls. Veer says where is the queen? He says tell me where is Rani Sa? Veer says she is not well. I want to inject her. He says send the injection. Veer says I am her doctor. I’ll give her an injection. Please .. her condition will be complicated. Jay says ok but come alone. I will send you the location and not try to be smart.

Champa calls Jay. He says yes What is the order now? Champa says I know you kidnapped the queen. Champa said give me what I want or I will tell Veer.

Episode ended.

Update credit to: Atiba