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The episode begins when Manorama arrives in Bondita. Bondita is upset. Manorama tries to befriend her. Trilochan sees. Manorama puts turmeric on her wounds. She goes out and looks at him. Trilochan says, while playing, Manorama had put ointment on Bondita, the fight was over. Sampur grabbed Manorama’s hand and hurt her. She asks why she put ointment on her daughter-in-law. Manorama turns her hand and gestures to her.

She says you think badly of your sister, you don’t do good for me. Sampuran says I will breathe for you and show you, I will not leave you, remember my name Sampuran. Manorama said if you stay as a mother-in-law you will get respect, if you hurt me I also know the answer, I respect only those who have respect, remember. She goes.

In the morning Bihari says that now it is not known who will do Aarti. Borita thinks that even Manorama has taken me away from Trilochan, but she can’t take me away from Durga Maa. Aniruddha tells Manoram to do Aarti, take away all rights from Bondita, then Bondita will have the courage to move on. Borita asks how can I stop Manorama from doing Aarti? Batuk draws and shouts. He hides when Bondita calls. She asks glue. She explains her plan. She said I should stop doing Manorama Aarti. He says only you my Baudi, I will come and help you. He went to Manorama and engaged her in talking. Bondita applies glue to the table. Bondita signed and hid him. Aniruddha comes. Aniruddha and Manorama’s hands are glued together. Bondita anxiety. Aniruddha thinks this means Bondita is glued. He frees his hand and helps Manoramas. Aniruddha and Manorama’s hands got stuck. They think about how to worship. Aniruddha says uncle doesn’t like to be late for pooja, I will hide it with pallu. Bondita says no need, glue will come on her hair.

Aniruddha says this hand has no glue, how did the glue come. He thinks I know Bondita has done it. He tells Manorama to come, they will worship together, they are together, no problem can come, come on. Bandita said I will not let you do Aarti, stay away from Aniruddha. She dipped their hands in the water and freed them. She is of the opinion that Aniruddha wants Trilochan Manorama to be happy, I will not let that happen. Bandita asks Manorama to recite Durga hymns in Aarti. Manorama says sternly, I don’t know. Bondita asks Koyli if we can worship Aarti now, a good daughter-in-law in the family should know. Trilochan Yes, Manorama, you try and get started, we will pray, you don’t know anything about it, your mother said you know every pooja, you have good qualities. Bondita says it is not easy to become the daughter-in-law of Roy Chaudhary Haveli, you have to know and understand all the rituals and customs. Trilochan says you are right. Bandita said I think now I have to do Aarti. Aniruddha says, no, Manorama is my wife, she will do Aarti and read Durga Stotra from the book, it has all the verses written in it, will we do Aarti now?

Trilochan is fine. Manorama says I can’t read like Bondita, I wrote you this letter to someone. Bondita says I will read the hymn. Trilochan says yes, it should be done on time. Aniruddha says I will read the book, Manorama will do it again after me, husband and wife are the same. He thinks I’m doing it for you, you want to be a good barrister. Bandita thinks that Aniruddha has hurt me a lot today. Aniruddha and Manorama perform Aarti. Kapoor frightens Dia Jyot Manoram and throws down the Aarti plate. Everyone is shocked. She apologized. Trilochan is shouting, no need to apologize or explain. Full of smiles. Trilochan says I don’t like insulting Durga Maa. Something that is added to Kapoor’s ball is called Manorama. Seeing Aniruddha Bondita.

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