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The episode begins with Bondita colliding with a man. The letter appears to be stuck on her clothes. He thinks they will know Manorama’s name in the letter. She asks what you are doing here, the omen has already been given to you. He says I lost my way. She says I saw you somewhere. She remembers and says in the newspaper. She runs after him. Manorama came out of the room. She thinks of taking documents from Bondita. She signs for the man to leave. He runs away. Sampona said now is the right time to bring Manorama out, she will be drunk now. Aniruddha is intoxicated. He behaves foolishly. Bihari says I did not feed them cannabis. Sampurna thinks that Aniruddha ate cannabis. Manorama tells Bondita to listen. She throws paint at her and takes the documents.

Trilochan stops Aniruddha and remembers his identity. He says we got married twice, Bondita and Manorama are his wives. Aniruddha says, no, I did not have two marriages, one marriage is fake. Trilochan and everyone was shocked. Trilochan takes him aside and asks if the first, the second or the second. Aniruddha says first, second. Trilochan hit his head. He says it’s impossible to handle him, call his wife. Bandita threw paint at Manorama. They make sweet arguments. Aniruddha asked Trilochan to make real and fake calls to his bride. Trilochan says both your wives are here. Sampurana said Manorama is fine.

Aniruddha says my real wife has come, whoever I like, I consider her my real wife. Manorama wonders why he behaves like that. Borandita prays that Aniruddha should consider me his good wife. Trilochan thinks, Aniruddha will call Manoram his good wife. Aniruddha goes to Manorama and Bondita.

He sits next to Bondita and Bondita Roy Chowdhury says, she is my favorite wife, my real wife. Bandita and Trilochan smile. Aniruddha says that Bondita is my good and true wife, my best wife. Bandita really asks. Aniruddha says really, you know why, because that marriage is just…. Bandita said I am very happy today. Entertainment thinks that my plan will fail if he tells the truth. Bandita said you consider me your wife. Aniruddha says that Bondita got 100 marks out of 100, you will get a gift. Bondita asks him to give it to her. Manorama says we don’t have to go home, come, visit. He says I will give her a gift. He laughs.

He says I’ll give you a gift too. He asks Bihari and Koyli to take gifts from his room. They get gifts. Bandita remembers that he would gift me a typewriter. He gives Manorama a typewriter. He gives utensils to Bondita. She asks what it is. He says it’s a pressure cooker, your focus is growing on your kitchen and cooking, so I got this gift for you, you got your favorite gift, tell everyone you’re a good wife, tell them you’re an ideal wife, you Don’t use a typewriter, take a pressure cooker and smile. He laughs. He looks at her.

She says you promised me that you would gift me a typewriter when I learned the sentences. He says you wanted to be a good wife, this pressure cooker will help you. He says we are getting what we want, prepare food, be happy, keep everyone happy. Bondita says but I want to be a barrister babu, I have to use this typewriter. He thinks I want to hear this from you, I’ll take you in the right direction. He smiled. Rishta Tera Mera. Games.

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