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The episode was started by Aniruddha I teach typing Manorama, Bondita to you I make coffee, you do household chores with pressure cooker, we will all be happy. Bondita says I’m not happy, you promised me this gift, I didn’t refuse the study, I can’t fulfill both duties. Aniruddha says, no, you can’t go in two boats, you will be an ideal wife, I will be hungry, you take away my hunger now, make a meal for me. Bondita goes into the pressure cooker and cooks the meal. When the cooker blows the whistle, the coal runs. Bandita laughed. She says it’s very easy to use.

Manorama said I was scared, I thought you would tell everyone about our compromised marriage, how did you get this idea? Aniruddha says from you, your Thane was broken, mixed with Sampur, I had seen her, I had taken cold from you. You didn’t act to teach the captive a lesson, says Manoram. He says you need to be vigilant about perfection. She says you are the shield of Bondita, I am proud of you. He thanked her. Bondita said she would be happy to learn how to use this pressure cooker. She makes rotis. Aniruddha comes and feels bad seeing her. He says you soon used a pressure cooker. He thinks of using psychology instead. He gets her books and says you can use the book documents to soak the oil. She asks what are you doing She takes her books and says these are my homework notes, I wrote this with hard work.

Aniruddha says, no, you are making puri with hard work, you wanted to catch the sky with the power of education, but now it is just junk. Bondita said wait, I still love studying today. He says your future is in the kitchen, not the school, but the headmaster said you are not interested in studying, you could fail, I told him you dropped out, you don’t have to be a barrister anymore, but just my wife. She cries He thinks you are smart, you will choose the best for you. He tells Manorama to act, Bondita is coming. Bandita comes. She turns to go. He stops her and asks you not to eat me. He makes Manorama learn to type and praise her. He tells Bondita to take more puris. Bondita is jealous and leaves. Manorama says stop now, it hurts. He says I know, but I can’t stop, Bondita will rebel this time, she’ll take a new flight.

Bondita gets more puris and keeps the tray. He calls it Bravo Manorama. Bondita thinks he spoke Bravo before me and now to his second wife. Aniruddha asked Manorama to continue her studies. He eats food. He says, you have done the food well, bring more puris, Manorama and I eat together, now go. Bondita is angry. She says run out of flour, take the flour first, then I make puri. He asked her to bring kheer for them. Aniruddha says I want you not to insist on being my ideal wife, I want to tell you that you want to study and become a barrister babu. Batuk asked Bondita to make puri for her. She gets more angry. Bihari and Koyli come. Bihari asks why aren’t you happy when Aniruddha likes food? Bondita says I quit studying to be a better wife, I wanted a typewriter instead of this pressure cooker. Aniruddha laughed when he heard this. Bihari gets tea. Trilochan says Bihari, you got tea, where is Bondita. Bondita said sorry, I made tea, I can’t come. Aniruddha says Bondita should know that it is wrong to leave the study.

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