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Bawara Dil 2 April 2021 Written part, written update on

Scene 1
The priests tell Shiva and Sidhi that they will be together for life. Mars tells him to fool, you just want money. Siddhi says I have to go for prayer, she is gone. From there everyone goes. Shiva’s sister Pujari comes and says that I too should have Shiva and Sidhi together, thank you. She pays him as a tip. Priests say no one can break their relationship.

Siddhi comes to the temple, Narpat comes there so she asks what are you doing here? Narpat says I have come here to meet you, I don’t know how you live in that hell, you should take care of your parents. Siddhi says I don’t want to talk to you, pray for me. Narpat says, I pray you get rid of that animal, I will be with you forever. Siddhi sees from there and moves on.

Mangal and her family are standing outside the temple. What if the priest was right? Mars tells him to shut up. Shiva comes there. Mars asks where is the girl? Shiva said she was praying in the temple. Mars says I’m tired. Shiva says you can all go home, I will come later. Mars says we don’t let you come alone with our daughter-in-law. Shiva says don’t worry. Mars says I will stay with you, go and check it out. Shiva is fine and goes from there. Mars says she doesn’t know where the stupid girl is.

Sidhi tells Narpat to leave her alone. Narpat says I want to help you as a brother. Shiva is looking for Sidhi in the temple and says where is that teacher? Sidhi tells Narpat to leave her alone, she doesn’t need him. Narpat says I know you don’t trust politicians because of Akka Bai but I am your brother, you can trust me, I can do anything to get you justice. Sidhi tries to ignore him.

Shiva asks the priest where is the woman with me? He says she went with someone. Shiva is stunned and goes in search of her.

Siddhi tells Narpat that if you see my inlays you will suffer. Narpat says your inlaws are animals, your husband should have been glorious, he was like my brother, I promised you to take care of you.

Shiva comes straight but she sees him alone. He asks what was she doing here? All are waiting for you Sidhi starts to leave but Narpat seems to be hiding there. Narpat nodded to her.

Sidhi is at her house and remembers Narpat’s words. She remembers the glorious death. Yashwant brings tea for her. She takes and wins. Yashwant asked how her hand was injured. Siddhi says I slipped into the temple. Yashwant says a poem for her. Malini remembers directly how to recite the same poem. Yashwant says that I am very happy that you are in Shiva’s life, you are the best girl for him. You know that the ritual in this temple teaches couples to live together in life, it makes the wound relationship. As Shiva is leaving the house, Yashwant calls him. Shiva says I am going to Akkabai for work. Yashwant sees it falling on his hands and asks how did this happen? Shiva looks up and says I was hit by a car. Yashwant says how did you two get injured on the same day? Take care of each other, tend to each other’s injuries. Sidhi looks at Shiva. Yashwant left. Shiva looks straight and walks away.

Scene 2
The government only tells the left that Shiva is just wrong so he cannot protect you. Shiva comes there, the woman says I was waiting for you. Shiva says Baba I went to the temple like this. The lady laughs and says now you are in your wife’s arms? Did she ask you Shiva says that is not the case. The lady says you are newly married, she is fine so it’s okay. Now that you are married, it is time for your honeymoon. She asked Bhavina to prepare for their honeymoon. Shiva says our relationship is not like that, do you remember the discussion of months? The woman says think about it today, you have to go on a honeymoon. “I can’t leave the country on bail,” says Shiva. The lady says I have blessed you so no one can stop you, you can go anywhere. Shiva appears. Women are fine, if you don’t want to go abroad, go to Mahabaleshwar. The woman says your wife is too arrogant so make her dull. Shiva says I can’t stand her and you want me to go on honeymoon with her? The lady says I do it for all reasons, you may not understand it right now but you are going on a honeymoon and it is the last. The left handed Bhavin a hard disk. Shiva takes. The woman says, “Protect him, you know that the police can carry out raids at any time, so I trust you, give him more protection than your life.” Shiva says don’t worry, I will protect him. The lady says now go on your honeymoon and tell me what you did there. She laughs at her own jokes.

Jalwa meets Shiva and goes to his house. Shiva asks the mechanic to check his jeep. The government calls Shiva and says I have some work to do, what does Shiva say? The mechanic tells Shiva that he has to take his car. Shiva gives him his car and goes to the government. The government said I don’t remember what work. Bhavin says he should tie the knot with you. The government sits on a chair and points to his shoes. Shiva appears. Shiva sits down and puts on his shoes. The government asks him to put on another pair and tie it again. Shiva repeats. The government tells Shiva that you can cook my mother but tomorrow I will just rule this village, no one can change me. Shiva is fine and goes away.

Shiva comes to his room. Sidhi is coming out of the shower but she sees Shiva in the room. She sees Shiva hiding in the cupboard. Siddhi remembers Bai’s words that she will give them a hard drive until the property is found. Shiva locked the cupboard and came straight out of the washroom. Shiva looks at her and leaves.

Precap – Narpat calls Sidhi and says I am teaching Akkabai a lesson but I need that hard disk. Siddhi says I will give you whatever you want. She opens the cupboard and finds a hard disk there. She thinks that Shiva considers Bai as God so will destroy her now.

Update credit to: Atiba