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Scene 1
Siddhi tells Shiva that the truth of glory will come out but until then I will hate you. Shiva says your hatred will not dispel me, you can do whatever you want but please do not blame others without any proof. I thought you would be happy to know that glory is alive but you can hate me as much as you want. He says I’m stuck in the car. He tells Siddhi that if I were you, I would thank God instead of beating others. He leaves from there. Looks straight and goes to the car. Siddhi sees a small temple. She goes there to pray.

Sidhi and Shiva reach Mahabaleshwar. The manager greets them and asks them to stand together so they can click photos. We take photos of all the couples spending their honeymoon. He tells them to stand together. Shiva is standing beside Sidhi. The manager puts Shiva’s hand straight. Sidhi stares at him and extends her hand. Shiva appears.

Siddhi thinks that I have heard good news today, I just need to find glory. The manager enters and says we have booked a honeymoon suite for you. Siddhi writes her first name in the admission book. Shiva saw it. Shiva the manager goes to Nayak and says I want another room. Nayak says that we had booked this room at Akkabai’s request, this room is the best here. Just look at that. Shiva Sidhi comes here and says that we will not find another room here, you can stay here and I will get another resort. Siddhi says ok. The protagonist tells Shiva that we have made a good arrangement because of what Baini says, if you go to another resort, she will suffer. She called a little earlier. Sidhi says let’s go and look at the room.

Sidhi and Shiva come to their room. Flower petals fall on them and the room is decorated with roses. The protagonist tells them to come inside. Shiva asks what is all this? Nayak says that it is welcome for you, if you need food you can contact us. He brings warm milk for Shiva and says that you are our special guest, you are strong so you may not need it. Sidhi controls her smile. The protagonist brings a box. Shiva opened it to find Con ** MS inside. Shiva was stunned while trying to control Sidhi Hasha. Shiva slapped the hero and told him to leave. The protagonist fled. Shiva threw away Con ** MS. Drinks straight warm milk. Shiva throws flowers. Sidhi tells him to stop. She finishes the milk and tells him to continue breaking things. Shiva says you are enjoying all this? Siddhi says you told me to be happy so I am now. Shiva looks at her and says how I got stuck here. You say achievement, aren’t you? You are Akka Bai’s own but she didn’t understand? This is all her politics. Our marriage was the right decision and she wants to show us that we are happy together. Shiva says you started this hatred by sending me to jail, don’t bring Akkabai in it. Siddhi says I am not just saying where is the glory? Shiva says you can’t understand what I am saying? I don’t know where the glory is and that’s the truth. Siddhi says I know you and your truth. You also said that you were not in the village when I was abducted? Shiva says it is useless to talk to you, I will go crazy with you here. Siddhi says I will remember you for four days in my life. What does Shiva say? Sidhi says if you want to go, go. Shiva nods from there. Sidhi Smars.

Scene 2
Narpat gets a pen drive with evidence of the woman. He tells the man to make his content viral. The man asks how did you get it? Narpat says I have a spy in Akkabai’s house.

Sidhi came to the balcony of the room and saw Shiva sitting on the porch trembling. Shiva thinks it’s cold here and I can’t go inside. He begins to exercise to avoid the cold. Straight goes through the balcony. The heroes come to Shiva. What does Shiva ask? The protagonist says we’ve seen a lot of couples here but you’re different. You keep it up. He leaves from there. Straight comes back to the balcony. Shiva looks at her. Sidhi walks away and brings a blanket. She shows it to Shiva and covers herself. Shiva looks at her. Straight goes to the room to sleep on the bed. Shiva comes there and says I am sleeping, you yourself blindfolded. Siddhi says you gave up ego but you came back early? Shiva says that this room is booked in my name so that you can leave. Sidhi says I’m not going anywhere, I’m sleeping here. Shiva tries to get another blanket. Siddhi says you can’t stand the cold? Shiva says just give me a blanket, I have to sleep outside. Sidhi said you can sleep in the bathroom too. Shiva goes to bed.

In the morning, Yashwant got a call from Jalwa and thanked him. Yashwant tells Mangal that since Gaurav is alive, Shiva will be proved innocent in the matter of Gaurav. Mangal says but Gaurav’s mother cursed Shiva and called him a killer. Yashwant says forget everything, forget her as she was a hurt mother. Our Shiva will be free from this case so we will start a new life.

Shiva gets up in the morning. Siddhi is ready to go out. He asks where is she going? Siddhi says I can’t spend 4 days looking at you, I’m going to walk around the city. Shiva says I am coming with you, so the manager can think of things so we can go together, he will tell Akkabai. After leaving the resort we will change routes, we will return to the resort at the same time. Achievement is fine but I can’t wait for you more than 5 minutes.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: Atiba