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See TMT The owner of the tea stall also has a biryani stalk now and says he is very hardworking but now what do we do, Tilu draws a board on which someone reads give us tea, Tiwari goes to him and asks what is this nonsense, Tika said please Ask the stall to do as you are told and you will pay, Tiwari leaves as soon as he speaks, Tilu removes Rila and replaces the biryani, and Tiwari is happy, he gets an order of Rs 2 lakh and sees TMT eating biryani And says while you are eating tea and biryani, Tilu shows the board, Tiwari gets angry, Vibhu stops him beating the children, Tiwari tells her to stay out, Tika says that a poor person can understand the pain of alcohol, Tiwari says I will not pay, Tilu says you Promised, the tea stall owner asked Tiwari for डॉलर 300, Tiwari says keep डॉलर 400 and give 100 per cent biryani for Vibhu and Lvive, Vibhu says Biwari says Tiwari will have to pay.

Anu visits Anguri and says my business is not going well, Anguri says Tiwari is right, people have stopped wearing lingerie and I saw Vibhu stealing Saxena’s underpants, Anu says this guy is good yet he is my investor and I need help with your cooking Have skills, you make a very tasty filling bunny. Anguri says when done, he will eat the food cooked for me and will be very happy.

Amaji calls Anguri, Anguri tells Amaji she cooks stuffed eggplant for Anu and her investor, Amaji says something for herself too, you don’t want kids, Amaji Pandit Rampal said, you have to spend the whole romantic night Tiwari. Grape blushes are called ok and gone.

Tiwari goes inside, Anguri says I am still cooking, Vibhu hears them hiding near the door, Tiwari asks what are you cooking, Tiwari says what gift do you want, Anguri says nothing, Tiwari says, I say, Anguri says I say Tiwari or not , No, Anguri says I want to spend a whole romantic night with you, Tiwari says nice, I’ll get almond milk at night too. Vibhu says, just wait for Tiwari for the stuffed eggplant.

Anguri Bharwa makes brinjal, and forgets to add a spice, she goes to call the grocery store, Vibhu puts powder in it, Pelu sees him.
Anula sees Vibhu leaving, and asks any questions in life, Vibhu says no, Anu tell me any burden of responsibility, Vibhu is hurt, Anu says I feel bad, did I hurt you, because I was busy at work and you were fooling around Vibhu says tell me what to cook, Ann says I arranged the meal on the table. The grape goes with the food. Vibhu realized his mistake, Anguri said enjoy, I will take a holiday. Anu asks Vibhu to arrange a meal.

Investor Mr. Bakhani comes in, Anu greets him, Bakhani says if my stuffed eggplant is ready and I like it, it’s yours.
Tiwari says that eggplant smells good, Anguri says it makes you feel like heaven and don’t forget your promise.

Bakhani asks Vibhu to join, Vibhu says I just took pizza in love so I am full and Bayan how do you like it, Bakhani asks how do you live with him, Anu tells Vibhu to stop, Bakhani eats it and it is so delicious.

Tiwari decorates the bed, Anguri gets almond milk, Tiwari says I don’t need it, you look so beautiful, Tiwari gives her a flower, Tiwari gets upset in her stomach and runs to the washroom. Bakhani says he is upset. Tiwari is going to recite Anguri’s poem and ran to the washroom again. Bakhani keeps visiting the washroom, Vibhu says I told you it is useless, Bakhani Anu says because of you I now hate stuffed eggplant, and your contract is canceled and gone.

Anula gets angry with Anguri, Vibhu says it can’t be wrong, it could be someone, Anu asks, who am I going to ask her, Vibhu says it’s my fault, Anu asks Tiwari insulted me and so as revenge I put powder in eggplant in vegetables , Say Anu.

Pre Cap: Tell me with your heart, Vibhu heard Anula.
Vibhu met at the tea stall and even Anguri is cheating with Tiwari.

Update credit to: Tanaya