Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori and Anita plan to test their husbands – Telly Updates

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Anguri changes his voice and calls Vibhu and threatens him not to play Holi with his wife, and if he does so, his wife will be so colored that he will never come down, Vibhu says your voice is not so strong, get some strength in it, some base Kind of tries, Vibhu says then stop, do as I say, Anguri says, my wife is karate blackmail and if you try to hurt her she will hit you and you need an ambulance, Anguri tells Anula what he will save you.

At the tea stall, Tiwari, Gupta walks up to him and says I take cannabis, Tiwari realizes that people forget that you treated them, Gupta says, ‘Holi is for me, and she is very powerful and will sleep straight day.

Anu visits Angori, Anu asks Tiwari to stay awake, Anguri says it is very difficult to keep him awake as he is drunk, Anu is doing well now, says well, Anuri says he has a good personality, Anu says don’t trust her husband so much and Now we are testing their strength and courage and call Tiwari from an unknown number, what does Tiwari ask drunk, Anu says in a changed voice, you will not play Holi with your wife, Tiwari says ok I will not play Holi with your wife, if Anu says I will play Holi with your wife The paint will fade and will never come off, Tiwari says, please put me to sleep and start snoring.

Vibhu visits Baba, his disciple says he has cannabis and he is asleep, Vibhu asks what to do now, she tells him to go out and sit, Vibhu meets Tiwari outside, Tiwari asks her what he is doing here, Vibhu can’t ask Why are you here, Tiwari says here to bless Baba, Vibhu says he is asleep, Tiwari says Bhang then works, both smiles go away ignoring.

Anu asks Angwari if Tiwari remembers last night’s phone call, Anguri says yes he does, Anu asks so he says I will protect you, Anwari says he told me to go get vegetables, Anu says someone should take you away and then it Understandably, Angwari has said that Tiwari was always there when we got newly married, Anu says Vibhu is so irresponsible, Anguri says we should test them again and then give threatening notes on how to give results, Anu said.

Prem asks anything other than operation, Gupta says I will visit Baba, Prem says I am fine in operation, TMT asks him to come and fund for Holi party, Gupta says I can’t help with money but help with free check up, Gupta is the USP of your show Asked what it is, TMT starts arguing and fighting over drink dance and music.

Tiwari and Vibhu drink coconut water and both start insulting their professional life, Babaji disciples tell them that Babaji is in space now, Vibhu says that if he wins the toss he will go in first, Vibhu slips the coin inside.

TMT asks Pelu for a donation, Pelu gives him a check for Rs. The master slaps them, the master slaps them, says I’m glad to see you contribute something but now look, TMT apologizes to the master and everyone and hugs him.

Pre Cap: Tika walks around Tiwari’s house in disguise and frightens Tiwari and teases Anguri in the evening. Tilu and Malkan went to Mishra’s house in disguise

Update credit to: Tanaya