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Vibhu walks up to Babaji and greets him, Baba says you have come to get prasad from me and then give it to your neighbor neighbor and let him sleep and then play Holi with wife, Vibhu says you are great, Baba says you are like this 411th episode last days , And gives him prasad, Vibhu says I can come if I want more, Baba says for sure but not on Holi, we will be busy too, Vibhu gives money and leaves.
Tiwari walks, Baba says it is 2020 here, Tiwari says I want Prasad.

Agarwal with Tiwari and Anguri, Agarwal is checking samples, Anu signs Tiwari and puts a threatening note, she hits Agarwal on the head, Tiwari says I will take you to the hospital, Anu says I heard what someone shouted, Tiwari says some fools throw stones, Anguri Tells him to go to the hospital. Tiwari left. Anuri apologizes to Anuri and asks what we should do now.

Counting the total funds collected by TMT, Tilu says my hands are very itchy, Tika says we are getting money, Anu and Anguri walk towards them, Tilu asks how they come here, Anguri says you should tease us, the owner says we Can’t do it, Anu says you have to blow the whistle and paint, Til criticizes you don’t tell us you are not a mother, Anguri says you have to work, Anu says we are testing Tiwari and Vibhu and need your help “I know Tilu always tries to test Tilu, but I know he will fail,” says Tika.

On Vibhu’s phone, Anu comes running to him and says that the three of them teased her, Vibhu starts laughing, and says you are black belt, Anu says you are beautiful that people will bother you, Anu says they teased me and don’t play Holi with you He warned me, I will not even tell Anguri not to play, Vibhu says, you are crazy, it didn’t happen, Anu says I got scared and told her and so we both decided that we will play Holi at home, Vibhu says it’s just because of some stupid people Didn’t happen because you can’t stop playing Holi, tell your niece and leave.

Vibhu meets Manohar and complains about the eve teasing, Tiwari and the commissioner walk in too, what the commissioner asks, Vibhu says my wife is being teased in the east, the commissioner says we will take the report you wrote, Tiwari why are you here, Tiwari someone threw stones At home it hits my client’s head. The commissioner says Manohar and I make sure your wives are safe. Please go

Tilu, Malkan in disguise walked around Mishra’s house, Anu said, you two look like real goons and call Vibhu.
Anguri gets Tiwari samosa and tea, Tiwari says you make the best, Tika starts in disguise and says I called you, Tiwari says don’t worry Anguri, and pulls out his gun and says fake, Tika says but this knife is real, Tiwari It is said that he should be dyed with grapes.

Anu tells Vibhu that these two are bothering me, Vibhu says you know they were beaten hard by karate, Tilu and Mistress laugh and say we just want her, Vibhu says how dare you, Vibhu says look I have something wrong Don’t want I allow you to apply color.

The critic is going to apply color, the commissioner went inside and arrested the critic. Tiwari tells Anguri I said all this because I knew the commissioner was around and did it to save you.

Manohar is on the verge of arresting Tilu and Malkan, Vibhu says these two were harassing my wife, I can protect her, took Tilu and Malkan away.
Vibhu says don’t worry Anu now you can play Holi freely.

In TMT jail, Manohar slaps them, and asks why are you harassing females in our colony, the commissioner says torture them fourth degree, Manohar asks what to do, the police commissioner says there is a crocodile in our well behind the police station and he has food. Check if there is.

Pre Cap: Holi was celebrated in Model Colony, Tiwari and Vibhu slept.

Update credit to: Tanaya