Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Anita and Vibhuti have a baby – Telly Updates

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Vibhu was walking towards Anu in the guise of Daku Swami. .Love, Vibhu says wow, such a beautiful girl alone, keep a body guard like me, Anu tells then how do you come in, Vibhu starts laughing, Anu and Vibhu sing a song and spend romantic time, the phone rings, Vibhu gets irritated and sees Anula Daddy’s phone rings, Vibhu asks to put the phone on the speaker, Anu says but he doesn’t like you much.

Daddy asks Anula, how is she, Ann says you call after 12 years, Anu and Daddy argue over their previous differences, Daddy asks what your husband does, Ann says how you got the call after so many days, you know, face changed by accident Is. And about Vibhu he is the CEO of MNC and Cr crore package, Baba says I am coming to meet you and your husband, I want to apologize to your husband, we don’t like it at all, nobody likes it at all, Anu says now he is a different person, Dad says okay I’m coming to see him then bye. Vibhu says don’t worry we have a full proof plan.

Tiwari goes to Tiwari and gives him milk, Tiwari says the business is at a loss, Anguri says it will be better if he gets the milk, Tiwari drinks, Tiwari always asks, and I worry about the business, Anguri says the boys Tiwari said, “Let’s finish this first. “And condemns her, Anguri is upset.

On Tiwari Call to Graduate Pandey Twins, he sees Vibhu and Anula with a baby and while Anu and Vibhu are returning home very carefully, Tiwari asks what is all this, Anu says he is my son, Tiwari asks when, Anu sometimes says back, Tiwari Hadarun said how is this possible, hit Vibhu and Anu Tiwari and leave. Tiwari starts crying.

Vibhu and Anu discuss that the neighbors believe that there really is a child, Anu says you know a doll, Vibhu says yes and says yes. It cries a lot, Helen walks in and asks who the baby is, Anu says your grandson, Vibhu whispers, she tells the truth, she is confused, Anu says let her play for a while, Vibhu says okay, who asks Helen, Anu says okay okay And tells the whole truth and her father is coming and her father loves the boy and so this doll.

Tiwari is crying at the tea stall, Tilu and the owner are walking around, the girls are talking about the owner Os, the owner says I like to accept her with her son, he is two years old and very innocent, and looks like me, Tilu imitates the crying baby, Tiwari Aala gets angry and slaps them, Tilu says we are discussing what we are doing wrong with you, Vibhu walks up to him and says I have a temporary job 5 days 5000 ₹, Tiwari asks it is for baby, Vibhu says baby is grandfather, Vibhu says Tilu Tells Malkan to behave, challenges Anita’s father and asks how Tiwari’s niece is, Vibhu says well, and says we also need female servants, shave Tiwari and come and if you like, you will play in the money, Tiwari left angrily

Anguri cooks in the kitchen, Vibhu says it tastes very sweet, Anguri says Shahi Paneer and Gulan Jamun for cooking, and asks Vibhu to taste it, Vibhu says it is very tasty, Anguri says I have cooked it using Rajesh Shahi Paneer masala and many other spices There are and the flour is also from their brand, Vibhu tastes Gulab Jamun says very tasty, Anguri says I used Rajesh milk powder

Pre Cap: Anu takes the baby to her father, asks who Baba is, Anu says your grandson, Baba says I will give all my property and money to my grandson.

Update credit to: Tanaya