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Danny feeds the birds, Tiwari joins him and calls him Baba, Tiwari says when did I meet your mother, Tiwari says niece’s father Danny asks niece, Tiwari says Anita, I am his neighbor Manmohan Tiwari, Vibhu is with us now, Danny says That throw him out and find a lawyer for their divorce, he has robbed my daughter’s life, Tiwari agrees and says I will remove him, Danny says goodbye and leaves. Tiwari says I will impress Danny that way.

Vibhu asks Anguri for food that he is very hungry, Anguri says there is food here, Vibhu says I feel sorry for bothering you, Anguri says you are my neighbor why are you bothering me, Vibhu says you are here thank God don’t worry Anita And Danny will notice their mistake and call you back home, go home. Vibhu says, you are very nice, Anu also says Anguri, Vibbu says yes she loves me very much and about biting, Tiwari stops him saying she hates you and there is not a bite here eats dustbin, Vibhu says I can’t but throw me, Tiwari says Anu and Danny have told me to get you out, Anguri slaps Tiwari and tells him what he is doing Tiwari says don’t tell me what is good and bad, Vibhu says I have no place, Tiwari says stay under the bridge, Anguri says I will not talk to you, Vibhu removed the paratha and left.

Anu fights with Danny for dealing with Vibhu, Danny says you have ruined everything because of Vibhu, Anu says he is my husband, Helen says how can you kick my son out of his house, Danny says this house is not his, it is his. My friends Sharma and Anula pay the rent, Helen says she pays the rent, Ann says he is lying he has not paid a single rupee yet, Danny says you can stay here, I have no problem with you, Helen says okay. The Tilu mistress goes in and asks for the salary, Danny walks up to them and takes off Tilu’s wig and says you’re fake like the baby came out and slapped them.

Tiwari finds Saxena, asks Pelu, Pelu says he is in Nehru Nagar where there is a lathi charge. Master asks what it is, Tiwari says I want a divorce lawyer, Master speaks well with Anguri, Tiwari says for Anu and Vibhu, Master is breaking into your neighbour’s house and beating him hard. Pelu gave the number to Tiwari, Tiwari called, Pelu’s call came.

Danny locks Anula, Anu says Vibhu I miss you so much you promised me then leave me, Vibhu says and I am here, goes in through the bedroom balcony, Ann says I will die without you, Vibhu also tells me, Anu says Danny That he will leave soon, Vibhu says you want to get married again, Anu says I am already married I am not, Vibhu sees Anu shaking Danny, Vibhu says I am scared to save Anu, Danny says the cheating man Anu tells me that He is my husband, forgive him. Danny pushed the ladder, Vibhu fell down.

Love says on call I don’t worry raise salary. Vibhu goes to him and says Prem I want to work, Prem says you were offered the post of manager, Vibhu says give it to me now, I really need it, Prem says there is no job for manager.
Danny talking to Rahul says Anu is waiting for you and she is unmarried and will marry you, in the evening I will announce your marriage, Anu went to him and said what is this, Helen says it is her wedding, Danny says it was a joke She played with an unemployed boy, Helen says my son is not unemployed, Anu says, Danny says come to America with me, I will show you how quiet my life is, Anu says my peace has increased, Helen says I’m proud of you, Danny Says I don’t agree with what I say, you will see my dead face.

Love Danny’s phone rang, don’t worry. Prem says you have a party at home, Anita has an engagement party and I want you to be a waiter, says Vibhu yes.
Tiwari tells Danny on the call that he and Anguri will definitely come and they think they are connected to each other.
Tiwari says, what is Tiwari, Tiwari says we are invited to Anita’s house, Anguri says then go, I will not go to the house where Vibhu was kicked, because she has no money and can’t live with his wife, Tiwari says yes, he deserves Anula No, Anguri says that when you were unemployed during the early days of our marriage, Tiwari says, let go, Anguri says, Tiwari says I swear to you, Anguri gets angry and leaves.

Pre Cap: Danny announces Anita and Rahul’s engagement. There Vibhu looks at Anu Vibhu as the waiter, Anu and Rahul dance.

Update credit to: Tanaya