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Danny makes the guest comfortable, Helen walks over to the waiter and asks for a drink, Vibhu says, how do you do it, Helen says, the meal is okay because I didn’t make the meal. Love goes to him and tells him not to serve.

Love asks Danny if he likes the arrangement Danny says very cool, the owner and Tilu congratulate, Danny says I don’t accept the wishes of poor people, Helen Dan says, Dan says Hi Dan! Danny Wow says, Helen says why the party didn’t start, Danny says she’s been waiting for beauty since she came, let us know, Gupta says you look so beautiful Aunt Helen, Danny says who calls these idiots. In Tiwari’s Walk In, Prem asks Tiwari why this party is, Prem Rahul Oberoi and Anita’s engagement party, Tiwari is shocked, Anguri congratulates Helen and Danny. Helen and Anguri go for a bite. Tiwari urges Danny not to separate Vibhu and Anula, Danny says there should be food and drink.

Anu walks inside, Tiwari says it’s not good, Anguri says I’m already saying that, Danny says you look like a princess, Anu says you’re wrong, Vibhu keeps me happy. Rahul walks in, greets Anula, gives Vibhu a drink, Anguri calls Anula aside and asks why are you doing this, Anu says I forced her, Mistress and Tilu walk to Vibhu and say if we are in your place we will drink poison, Vibhu tells them Gives cold. They are running away from there, Tiwari is ashamed of you, you could not fight, Vibhu got drunk and left.

Danny announces Rahul and Anita’s investment, Rahul and Anu dance, Anu looks at Vibhu, Vibhu pushes Rahul aside, Rahul speaks my 5 lakh case, Prem yells at Vibhu, Anguri yells at Prem and says I will not tolerate this behavior, Prem says you Don’s niece knows nothing and pushes Vibhu away.

Tillu and Malkan were drinking and abusing Tiwari for being greedy, Vibhu walks up to them and starts taking knives, the owner says you are right, you have a big tragedy, how are you alive, Malkan says I will commit suicide, Vibhu packs all food and drink On the karte table and leaves, Tilu says take care and then Vibhu has removed everything.

Anu in her room, Danny goes to her and turns on the lights, and asks why are you sitting in the dark, Anu says you brought this darkness, Danny says I brought a glow called Rahul and Vibhu will leave the darkness, Anu says Heart OS Vibhus and anyone is shocked No, Danny says he has no money, how will you live, you are playing with your life, he loves you but he, Ann says yes, I will test Vibhu tomorrow and if he wins, you are his. Otherwise you go with Rahul. Approved the day.

Vibhu walks around drunk the next day, Vibhu says Danny you are standing back when you are standing because you are guilty because you have separated loved ones. Danny tells Anula to go to her room, Anu refuses, Danny says don’t worry I won’t do anything wrong, go inside or I’ll kill him, Anu will go inside. Vibhu says to Danny you can’t separate me and Anu and our love, Danny says fill in the blanks I will buy you, Vibhu says now you are talking, Danny says I knew you do, Vibhu says you are sure I will do whatever I want Get what you want, Danny says yes, Vibhu says swear to your favorite one, Danny says I swear to Anu, and just from what I have, Vibhu looks at Anita written by Anita to Anita and Anu is invaluable, Helen and Anita walk out Gaili, Danny says you opened my eyes, Anita says I love you, Helen says I’m proud of you.

Anguri gets Tiwari milk and asks where are you, Tiwari says we are just walking around, Anguri says you got special milk, Tiwari is this, and says I am very excited, Anguri says this is horse milk, Tiwari says now our dream Will come true.

Pre Cap: Gupta tells Vibhu that his house has been looted, Tiwari says I even get up with a pin drop sound.
Anguri tells Tiwari and Vibhu that her necklace worth Rs 5 lakh was stolen.

Update credit to: Tanaya