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In the previous part we saw that Sarab Meher refuses to admit that he is dead. He slaps everyone and tells Meher to sit quietly as he is asleep. The IG orders his men to catch Sarbala while he is being put in the ambulance. Bittu and Rana try to comfort Kulwant. Sandhya is also being taken to the hospital, where she is constantly slandering Meher’s name. Sushma reached there and seeing the condition of the girl, he broke down. Sarabam chases the ambulance and asks where they are taking her. He says he found her with a lot of difficulties and now they are separating her from her again.

When Param returns home, he decides to recite a poem to Meher. Karan and Seher liked his idea and they clapped and hugged him. Param asked the cook to prepare Meher’s favorite dish. Staff members shout as they now know that Meher is dead. Seher can’t wait to meet Meher and says it’s evening but Harleen doesn’t bring Meher home. Harlin told him to control himself and agreed that Mehr was no more. Sandhya and Kulwant are responsible for all this and Sarab says that he ran to Meher again and asked her to get up.

Robbie also tried to make Sarab aware again and said that he should claim Meher’s last rights. Sarab asks what happened to Mehr. Harleen slapped him and then hugged him. She says Mehr will not wake up now. Sarab still denies what she is saying and says it is not Mehr.

Kulwant pleaded with Sarbala to complete Meher’s last rites. Sarab says, OK they do as they say but she knows she is not Mehr. Sarab finally plays Meher’s last claim. At home, the children are waiting for Mehr and get excited when they hear the sound of a car. They also need to take care of the children, so Harleen tells him to take control of himself. The children laugh at Sarabla and look for Mehr. Karan asks why they look sad? Seher and Param ask them about Maher.

The episode ends.

Prep: Harleen informs children about Mehr’s death

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