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Scene 1
Serer’s anxiety has subsided. Meher is seen praying for her. All the children pray with him. Sarab comes to Seher. Sandhya is treating her. Seher begins to breathe. The evening is about to take off the mask. Sarab says what are you doing? She says Seher is breathing on her own. Seher opened her eyes. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Sandhya hugged Seher. She left. The doctor examines Seher and says that she is breathing well. Sarab says where is the poem? Ajay says she is gone. Sarab says she can’t go. Sarab remembers how to deal with Seher.

Sarab ran to stop the poem. Leaving the evening. Sarab stops her. He says you can’t go please. Seher needs you. You are God’s blessing for her. I can’t take the risk. This is a request from the father. You will be taken care of, you can bring your family here. I can give you something you don’t like. She removes her mask and asks your permission. Sarab was shocked to see her. Sandhya said I told you that I am you, you will not treat me like Seher. I came here because she came here. “If I knew you were Seher’s mother, I wouldn’t let you into my house,” says Sarab. You lied and re-entered the house. Kulwat says no I didn’t bring her here. She was doing this for our Seher. You can drive me crazy Sarab says get out of here in the evening. Kulwant says that because of her, Seher is breathing now. Sarab says her daughter has gone away because of her and Seher is in this state. She just lied to us. The medicine she touches is poison to us. Sarab goes inside.

The doctor tells you to keep checking the medicine. Harleen said where did the poem go? Sarab says we will find another nurse. Harleen says why not poetry? She was taking good care of Seher. Karan says yes we all want poetry. Seher too. Seher says yes.

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