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Construction Calc Pro Apk Full Paid is the best Android app in the productivity category from Lightray Studio Studio with lots of installs around the world.

Construction Calc Pro

Save money by assessing content quickly. Save time by calculating angles, measurements and quantities. Ideal pocket calculator ideal for anyone in the construction industry. 3 powerful, proven and accurate estimators and calculators in one app. Sufficient measurement for calculator in feet / inch or metric.

Construction Calc Pro has taken 21,500 lines of code to develop and is the easiest to use construction calculator and estimator app available on any mobile platform. There is no complicated manual to follow the master or instructions – just enter the data and get accurate results from the calculator.

High visibility in direct sunrise
White on black with blue and orange inputs and outputs for high visibility of the application in direct sunlight.

Calculators and Estimators include:

Inputs: width, length, thickness, density, wastage
Output: Estimated weight, volume

The asphalt
Inputs: width, length, thickness
Output: Estimated weight, volume

Inputs: run length, baluster width, baluster spacing
Output: Quantity of buckets, Qty spaces, Baluster spacing (center-to-center), Baluster spacing (edge-to-edge), distance measurement of each baluster

Board / line leg
Inputs: thickness, width, length, volume
Output: Board leg, Lineal leg

Concrete – Area
Inputs: width, length, thickness, use rebar option, rebar spacing with width, rebar spacing with length
Output: Estimated volume, 60lb premix bag, 80lb premix bag, 10kg premiere bag, 25kg premiere bag, 50kg premiere bag, Rebar required

Crown molding
Inputs: wall angle (wall corner), crown (spring) angle
Output: Miter angle, Bevel angle

drop ceiling
Inputs: Length on roof, width on roof, tile size, distance (anchor to drop roof)
Output: Estimated roof area, roof tiles, perimeter molding, main support, tee support peices, wire length (each), wire length (total), wire anchor

Inputs: include room width, room length, room height, panel width, panel height, ceiling options
Output: Estimated Area – Surface Area. Material – Drywall Panel. Combined Compounds – Readymix, Lightweight Readymix, Setting-Type, Lightweight Setting-Type. Fastener – Drywall Nails, Drywall Screws. Additional items: joint tape, primer, adhesive

Inputs: Width, Length, Wastage, Square Feet or M per Box
Output: Total Area, Boxes Required

Inputs: Total Area Width, Total Area Length, Battle / Roll Width, Battle / Roll Length
Output: Total Area Required

Liner coast estimator
Inputs: Single panel length, volume of panels, cost per linear foot, cost per linear meter
Output: Total Cost, Total Length

Inputs: wall length, wall height, number of coats, surface type
Output: Estimated Gallon Required, Liters Required

Inputs: run, pitch (/ 12P)
Output: After Length

RISE / RUN / Angle
Inputs: Rise, Run, Angle (Enter Uday and Run or Angle)
Output: Angle, slope, run

Inputs: width, length, pitch, square foot or m per pack, type, nail, safety margin
Output: Roof Surface Area, Needs Packs, Nails

Inputs: width, length, cost per sq ft or m
Output: Total Cost, Total Area, Total Area (acres)

Screws (3-4-5)
Inputs: width, length
Output: Diagonal

The stairs
Inputs: Total Increment, Custom Addition, Custom Run
Output: razor height, total razor, running run, total treads, total run, stringer board length, height, running stinger point
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The tiles
Inputs: Room Width, Room Length, Tile Width, Tile Length, Use Border Tile Options, Border Tile Width, Border Tile Length, Tile Length, Safety Margin
Output: Estimate tiles needed, border tiles needed