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Cover – Photo Lock: Hide Photos and Videos 2.5.46.c27b App Full Premium The latest is a video player and editors android app

Download Cover – Photo Lock: Hide Photos and Videos Enjoy full premium and a great video player and editors app for Android.

Name Cover – Photo Lock: Hide Photos and Videos Apk
Mod info Full premium
Edition The last
The developer Baluta
Require android Varies with device
Cover is a unique photo lock app. It helps to keep your content private with hidden photos and video features. It is a photo vault + privacy guard, which keeps your phone clean with sensitive material 24/7. on its own! The only secret photo vault app you’ll need.

Unlike other photo lock apps, this is the first video and photo vault app that features an automated explicit content detection and content blocker feature.

Do you need automatically blocked NSFW content? With the cover, it is easy. Inappropriate content, sensitive images and video files are detected and automatically moved to a secure folder. The best thing is that only you have access to the protected folder!

Covert Photo Vault + Automatic NSFW Content Blocker = Cover
If you need to hide photos and only you have access to a secure folder, then our photo vault feature is great for you.
We know you’re busy and don’t have time to do it manually, the cover’s automatic NSFW Explicit Content Blocker is made for you! The explicit contents of the NSFW are blocked and moved to a secure folder, and you do not need to do anything. simple as that.

Why ever? -we’ve got you covered!

Your content stays yours, hides photos, underlocks videos, and NSFW keeps explicit content in a secure folder. The Cover application locks your files in an encrypted secure folder photo vault with password protection (a PIN or a fingerprint). This secure folder is unbreakable, and only you have access to it!

special features
There are hundreds of photo vaults. They all do the same thing, so here this secret photo vault app is different from the generic photo lock tool for Android:

Automatic Secure Gallery: Sensitive images and videos are automatically
The photo was moved to a locked folder. There is no need to manually hide photos and videos. Automatic Content Blocker!

smart notifications: The cover will easily notify you when NSFW, explicit content images, or videos are detected.

Instant clear content blocker: Cover can block any inappropriate pictures or videos sent through Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and other messaging apps!

how it works
Think of Cover as a secure photo lock app, which continuously scans your device for inappropriate images and videos and takes them to a secure folder. You no longer need to manually hide photos with NSFW sensitive content inside a gallery vault! The cover does not even require internet access to work!

Cover - Photo Lock: Hide Photos and Videos Apk Full

Real-time protection means that the cover runs 24/7 and does its best to hide explicit content in your secure folder (gallery vault) while keeping your phone “family friendly” and protecting your privacy. You will not have to worry about anyone re-visiting your image gallery.

Your messages are also protected in the cover. It will automatically hide or “cover” inappropriate pictures sent via Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

Automatic NSFW Content Blocker and Covert Photo Vault in one application. Hide photos in a secure folder and feel protected. we’ve got you covered!

What’s new:
More feature updates to improve your experience with the cover.

Weve expanded the number of Messenger apps that the cover is compatible with to protect your device from unwanted explicit content

Auto-update update
Now supporting the following messaging apps:
– Whatsapp
– Wire
– Facebook Messenger
– viber
– Emo
– cacao
– Line
– kick
Explicit content can be detected and taken to a secure gallery.

bug fixes
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