Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Shravan and Suman unite – Telly Updates

Written update on 2 30 March 2021, written for TeljeUpdates.com

The episode begins with everyone talking about Avni’s wedding activities. Devraj says give your ideas, but we will go with the choice of the bride. They ask Shravan to call Suman and get the decorator’s number, they can make a booking. Shravan asks if I will call now. Avni says yes, call now. He calls Suman. He says maybe there is a network problem. Rajendra says go out and talk. Shravan goes out and calls her. She takes care of him and asks if you took medication. He thinks she’s taking care of me. Take medication immediately, she says. She thinks I said it most, maybe. Shravan asks did you have a meal? She says yes. Kanchan asks Suman not to speak formally. Shravan asked the number of the decorators. Suman says okay, I will give it to you. She ends the call.

Kanchan feels bad in the morning. Suman asks why are you worried? Kanchan says Bunty’s home loan application was rejected, he is trying hard, Mami doesn’t care. Suman comforts her. She tells Bunty to call. Shravan is waiting for Bunty. He says he doesn’t even answer, now is the last attempt. Bunty comes. He says Suman’s friend’s husband is a bank manager, Suman spoke to him, he passed my home loan. Shravan says I am very happy for you. Bunty says you are very lucky to have a good wife, I am lucky to have such a sister-in-law. Shravan says yes, we are lucky. Bunty says I’m happily crazy, we have tea, I don’t know what to say and what to do. He goes for tea. Shravan says I know what to say and what to do.

Thank you Kanchan Suman. Suman says that is also my family. Kanchan says everything looks easy when you are together. She says no one can take anyone’s place, we can’t take anyone’s place. She goes. She gets Shravan’s message. He asks her to meet him. She goes to meet Shravan. She says he was late. She gets a note and flowers.

She read his letter. He apologizes to her. Hunton Pay Tere. Games. He tells her to forgive and come back, she wants to see the same faith in her eyes. She cries as she reads his emotional letter. He writes I thought you were ADC, I was wrong, I missed you when you weren’t here, I knew your value, I love you. She says I also want to tell you one thing, I love you. Shravan comes and says I love you too Suman. One another. Games.

They run and hug. She says there was a lot going on in your mind, you didn’t tell me, I should feel bad, I didn’t even try to understand you. He says I just want you back, nothing else. “I know I can’t live without you,” she says. They hugged.

Shravan and Suman remembered their journey. Everyone appreciates their love story. They appear at the celebration for the last time.

Update credit to: Amena