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The series begins by convincing Bhima of the medicine, a little milk will not hurt anyone. Outside villagers shouted that the shouts that touched the cow were no longer sacred. Bala went out in anger, everyone stopped Bala. Seth Ji told him that he had committed a crime even after his release from jail. Bala begs his sister to drink milk and get well, he will accept all their punishment. Basil came out and sat on the floor in agony. Manjula requested to give medicine to Bhima and even if Tulsa is considered a thief, he will have to suffer the consequences together so that he does not get cured. Seth Ji wanted Bhima to give him medicine. Meera requests Sethji to give milk to Tulsi. Bhima Seth who wanted to see Tulsi get milk, will punish Bala for the crime. Guruji was his witness. Bhima enlisted the help of Guruji. Guru Ji refused to help Bhim to tell him that he wanted to make his decision. Bhima told everyone that he would not use the stolen milk because he did not want such treatment on his sister. Bala stubbornly tells him to let go. Bhima refused to apologize to Tulsi. Bala takes the medicine from Bhima’s hand with the help of Anand. Meanwhile, Tulsi wrapped a cloth around her stomach, she went inside and brought a pot and threw it. Everyone stood up trembling. Tulsi tells everyone that she is standing behind Bhima, she informs everyone who is ready to die instead of stealing milk. She fell to the floor. Guruji asked the villagers to show sympathy for where these children are setting examples for everyone. The villagers deny that these children are dramatic, they know they have committed a crime and will be punished for it. They are gone.

Puranjan came, he said that he would still have a panchayat, but Bhima’s stubbornness would take his sister’s life. Guruji said that there can be nothing more insulting to a Guru than to suffer in his presence. He took a pot out of his bag; He had brought basil milk. Knowing that Bhima does not accept anything for free, Guruji asked him to take it now, but Tulsi needs it and as Guru he should let her help. Guruji told him that even though he did not give it without giving milk, Bhima expressed his desire to evaluate his commitment to faith in a state of weakness. He appreciated his decision and gave him milk. Bhima took it and asked Manjula to give medicine to Tulsi. Guruji instructed Bala and Anand that they were not wrong, but Bhima was more right in their place. Life gives us some curved paths, but one needs to understand the difference between right and wrong. Bala wanted to save his sister’s life, the laws were not important to him in the face of Tulsi’s nature. Guruji said that Bhima has the virtue of maintaining rules and regulations in all circumstances, in all circumstances. Bhima told Bala that he had stolen milk, for which there would be a panchayat (village court). Bala has given them a chance to be punished.

The villagers came to take Bala Bala as per the order of Punchyet. He agrees to go but only after he gives his sister medicine. Bala leaves with them. Bala hit the village with a stick from behind, on which he fell. The locals stopped Bhima from coming forward, they tied Bala’s hands. Guruji questioned that this should be done to teach less about the crimes that Sethji was harassing. Bhima asked Sethji that the theft had nothing to do with the lower caste as many of his accomplices had also committed the crime and he had helped in apprehending them. Bhima wanted to stop them but they were pushed back. Guruji did not want to treat them like animals. The locals took Anand and Bhima to Pune.

Bala was pulled and beaten. Bleeding from the head, he fell to the ground. Bhima and Anand struggled a lot to quarrel with the villagers, but their numbers dwindled and they gained a lot of power. A woman threw mud on Bala. Punaranjan wanted no one to hurt Rummy’s family in his presence, he tried to stop the woman, but someone hit him in the head.

When the elders were accepted, the Maharaja ordered Bala to tie the tree. Senji wanted the panchayat to start. Bhima questioned their humanity. Maharaj replied that the society wanted Bala’s condition. He is lucky to be alive after what he did. Purnajan was against Maharaj. Guruji told Maharaj not to blame the people of the society for Bala’s condition because his companions were behind him. The villagers asked Maharaj to make a deal with Bala, to which Maharaj asked Bhima if he wanted to start a panchayat process so that the villagers could deal with Bala on their own. Guruji asked Maharaj to start the process. The Maharaja asked Bhiraj if he believed in theft. And should every one of those robbers be punished? Bhima agreed but wanted to ask. Seraji interrupted, persuading Bala to punish Maharaj by telling him his decision. Maharaj was going to decide that no one in Bhima’s family and artist would forget.

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