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A great hero, Dr. BR Ambedkar 29 March 2021 Written part, written update on TellyUpdates.com

At the start of the show, Manjula expressed regret over her decision not to take money from Puranjan. Calling the girls stubborn, she laments the current state of hunger. The girls consoled her as she agreed to write a letter to her father. Manjula wanted to starve but did not ask her father for help, so she was distracted. She says her week is not just her broken leg. The girls went to fetch their brothers. They agree to stay hungry at night. Bhimabai and Manjula are crying to make her believe in her.

Anand and Bhima were helplessly working, searching and worrying about the family at home while telling the cow man. They went to him to ask for some work or a loan. The man is sending them back so they don’t touch him or his animals. Anand and Bhima took a step back. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. They agree to hire them on the condition that they make fun of themselves and their artists. Bhim agrees that work is work. Man wants to have two animals, but he can’t afford it. The man wanted Anand and Bhim to be tied with a rope as his animal, in return the cow would pay him for the night. Bhima re-establishes his will but Anand is ready to do so considering the miserable situation of his family. He sits on the floor to be tied up as an animal but begs for money, so that he can help his family. Bhima tried to stop him, but the joy was strong. The man leaned forward to tie him up, Bhima stopped them. Bhima says that his battle is to prove that he is not like an animal but like a human being, Anand should not lose his hope. Bhima told them to starve so the man was distressed, came to Anand saying that the girls would starve to death and was proud to be a man. She forces her brother to come home; He has admitted to staying hungry tonight. They will spend time counting the stars.

Pandit showed all the jewelers collected to Maharaj in today’s donation. Maharaj orders him to take it to the jeweler. Meanwhile two children came and said that they asked for Maharaj’s blessing. Maharaj is telling them not to call it theft, this is what they won even after hard work and had to suffer. He changed the concept of burglary and called it a reward for his struggle. Pandit was asked to link the money to jewelery. He gave the children some money as a gift.
Bhima lost Bala. Anand felt bad for not having an older brother like Bala and his father. Bhim was disappointed that he was not able to do anything for his family. The girls were called inside.

Seth Ji had come to show happiness to Maharaj as he won so that Bhima and his family should not help anyone. Maharaj asked them to cook a meal. Maharaj wanted to cut a deal.

Manjula brought sugar and water for everyone. Bhima is told not to worry, people stay hungry as if they are fasting. Seth ji and his companions came to Bhima’s house saying that they had brought a delicious meal for him and his family. Bhima asks the reason for his kindness. It’s a deal cut here. Anand knew they were going to make fun of his miserable condition. In front of Bhima, Mandesh told him that for the next seven days, he would take care of his family’s meals and give them their books. They will do the same next week. Sehat ji tries to follow Bhim, because his decision will end his hunger or someone may die. Bhima took a step towards his bag but was stopped by his brothers and sisters. The girls suggest not to eat whatever Seth Ji and his accomplices have brought. Taking a decision, Bhima grabbed his bag and walked towards Seth. Seth puts his bag on the floor and asks him to have a meal. Instead Seth Ji asked Bhima to kiss his bag. Saying that these people are afraid of the books in it. These great men are afraid to study these four books. Bhima rejects Seth Ji’s deal as he will not hand over his biggest weapon. He does not accept his demands. Bhima’s family appreciated his decision.

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