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In this part, the Maharaja has announced his decision, according to which the owner of the cow will punish Bala as he wants. The owner wanted to beat Bala fifty times. Bhima disagrees with the punishment and tells the maharaja not to abuse the platform of the panchayat. Happiness grows revenge. The Pandit shuts them down, because the decision is pronounced as punishment. In the critical situation where Bala committed this crime, Guruji asked him to show some sympathy with the intention of saving someone’s life. The maharaja wanted to respect the panchayat process and punish them. He threw the leather strap at the cow’s owner; He leaned forward to defeat Bala. Bhima hurriedly hugs Bala and wants to be punished. Joy, Meera joins them. Maharaj has orders to beat them indefinitely. Guruji said that God will not forgive those who beat children and women.

When Ramji stopped him, the owner was going to kill him. He angrily stood up, announcing not to come near his family. Everyone hugged him, shouted Bhima and Anand. He freed Bala from the tree. He had not heard the Maharaja and the villagers speak Ramji. Maharaj asked about the law, will you not accept the decision of the Panchayat today? What will his children learn from this, Sethji wanted Ramji to join his family for punishment? Rami said he believes the law is one that agrees and does not put pressure on others. Mangesh interrupted that he is in a white village and is hiding his identity from everyone, Ramji was taken out when his real actor was revealed. His son is a thief, and he himself is a lying liar to everyone who listens.

Ramji told Bhima the whole reason for this panchayat. He told her everything that had happened. Ramji wiped away his tears and grabbed the cow. He wanted to obey the law honestly. The boy questioned the cow man’s right to serve him as an animal and beat him in the scorching sun. Ramji pushed him away. Ramji then caught Seth ji, he asked how much Maharaj had to be beaten. Shethji does not have anything to hurt his family. If the law is to be obeyed, it must be in accordance with the proper law. According to the Puranas, Maharaj also instructed everyone not to help Bhim and his family, according to which Maharaj is also a criminal. He must also kill for himself. Bhim warned that every criminal should be punished. Maharaj should do so and be an example of justice for all. Maharaj was confused as Bhima was making the situation difficult for him. Ramji wanted to take the matter to the actual court. To avoid a real court, the Maharaja doubted his religion and social needs. Their religion is enough to fulfill the law. Ramji did not agree. Religions did not ask them to mix religion with law. Ramji replied that this is a long discussion but justice should always be served as not every religion is careful.

Police agreed with Ramji. He asked everyone to come to the station with him and to handle the matter by law. Maharaj said he was not interested in the matter, adding that he had agreed to a panchayat procession to ease the situation as demanded by the villagers. He said he was leaving it to them now. He was asking the police to take him if they wanted him to go to their place of worship. Maharaj left. Mangesh still wanted to punish Ramji. He questioned the police and their rule of law. Seth Jin told everyone to go to their homes. Ramji sympathized with the police and lauded his son Bhima for the purpose of justice and proper law. Guruji and Puranjan blessed Ramji and left.

Bala hugged his father. Rami complained about not being informed about his condition. He asked about the money sent to them. Remembering her message, Bhima looked at Jijabai.

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