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Ramji started the occasion by asking Mira to prepare a delicious meal for today’s festival and gave her a bag full of groceries. Puranjan came there with his companions, wishing Ramji happiness and wishing him the happiness of returning to the family today. He was very happy to see the father-son bond with Bhima, which gives him strength and power. Ramji asks Mira about Bhima’s absence, Jijabai tells him that Ramji is inside and if there is an argument between them, he is curious. Jijabai told them that she had not spoken to him yet. Meera tells everyone to put the groceries aside so she can make a meal for them. Puranjan tells Jijabai that she is still curious about how she has managed to get Ramji back, but he is happy that she did so.

Bhima was asleep, Ramji sat next to him. Bhima asks during his sleep that his mother remembers him as much as she remembers him. Ramji tells him that there are many ways to remember a person, if you comfort him in sorrow, you can do it in your happiness. Ramji was happy to have them there. Bhima hugged his father and harassed him by singing in his absence so he asked everyone to ask questions. Ramji nodded.

Ramji and his family were insulted by the gram panchayat today. He was so angry that other senior members like Seth ji and Maharaj did not stand up for him and left and he failed Bhim and his family. Seta said he did not lose but he had to do so to save the answer to the question of how Bhima has built up his confidence to work against him. Maharaj opposes Seth’s desire to acquire knowledge because he is able to do all this.

Everyone in Ramji’s house was mirror cooking and Brandon was sitting with his companion and gathered for the celebration. Ramji asks everyone questions to bother Bhima about the song, Puranjan said they are only doing it to make up for Ramji’s absence. Ramji asked Bhima to sing. Bhim was not faithful as he did not have a good voice like his father. Ramji insisted.

The villagers were also celebrating, they were determined to defeat the lower caste they started on the occasion of the festival.

Guruji was sitting alone at home thinking about the kind of festival his village is celebrating today. On the one hand Ramji and his family were celebrating to get together while on the other hand Maharaj and his companions were celebrating to destroy the lower caste. He condemns the villagers and the reason for their celebration. He thinks to himself that plotting to defeat someone destroys oneself.

The Pandit announced that from tomorrow he will start making idols and with the coming income he will start disrupting the temple and Maharaj interrupts and adds that money is not a tool of creation but love, respect and devotion for worship and love is the real purpose and definite reality of the temple. Mangesh was the Maharajah’s fortune, he was no less than God and he will always be grateful for what he did. Only Mangesh could repay him as he helped in the construction of this temple. Give a sly response to what Ramji and his family will do in the future, Seth who tells everyone, is a threat to this temple. The villagers should prepare themselves.

Ramji tells everyone to start a new day from tomorrow, they should work normally and not let today’s incident affect their behavior. From now on the villagers will try to harass and harass them in every possible way and create new problems every day. He tells them not to give up hope. Everyone allows and leaves at night. Bala remembers the persecution he suffered today. He calls Bhima. Everyone comes out. His traumatic wounds raise the question of whether his actors behave like their members or whether Bhima responds that he has promised to change the action. On this journey Bala swears to stand with him not as a brother but as a member of these artists. Happiness has come forward with the same objective of declaring Bhima as the leader in this struggle.


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