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In this incident the villagers were purifying the idol, the idol makers started its construction after getting the permission of the maharaja. As Bala and Anand crossed, they were stopped by hearing Seth Ji’s voice that once the temple was inaugurated, everyone would be forced to take his blessings, while the lower part would remain outside the temple while members of his community would worship inside. Meanwhile, the villagers threw stones. Joy has already come forward asking about creating a new God when they already have a lot. The enraged villagers started throwing stones at Bala and Anand. They both fell down, injured. The villagers asked not to give lectures. Maharaj and the villagers gave him names, mocked his father and brother Bhima. Anand and Bala wanted to fight but were stopped by Puranjan and fled.

Meera inquired about the absence of Anand and Bala. Ramji understands that he is busy getting fruit. Tulsi happily told everyone that the fruit they get is equally distributed and happy. Jijabai wanted to drink milk made by Bhima’s mother or stepmother. Bhima drank milk. Puranjan bought both the children at home, he told them everything. Bhima left to ask the villagers questions.
In order to prepare for the arrival of Bhima, Seth, who was addressing everyone, threw stones at him indiscriminately, saying that he might die. Bhima ran away, followed by Ramji and his elder brother. As soon as he arrived, everyone started throwing stones at him. Puranjan and his companions shielded him. Once the stone was thrown, he lowered his guard and greeted Bhima. He was afraid that Bhima would now see the stones he had thrown at Bhima. His companions can do what was done to them. The one who can hold the instrument of pain can do so, but the person cannot hold anything else. Pandit questioned his courage to hurt them. Ramji came forward, because his friends do not have the courage to fight someone but they do not intend to do so, they are not like other villagers unlike him. Bhima wanted the villagers to continue the construction of the idol as per the order given by the villagers, but he would oppose injustice and cultural conduct when stoned. Bhima was grateful for saving the lives of Puranjan and his companions, Anand led Bhima and left.

Ramji was proud of his son and his accomplishments. He has honored his people with determination and hard work. This is not the result of some prayers. He told Jijabai that she should think about why Bhima should not be praised. Jijabai thought to herself that Ramji’s boundless attention to Bhima would deprive her of being a mother.

Puranjan advised Bhim to have someone to protect him. Bhima asked him not to be afraid. Puranjan fears that Bhima needs to be protected to protect the future of his people. Bhima is exceptional in their society as it must be protected at all costs.

According to Maharaj, hell must be crossed to save the future. Efforts are useless! To get something, they have to change the way they act. Being able to rule the majority, the Maharajah blamed them for the defeat before Bhima. After Bhima’s death, all the fights will come to an end. Maharaj asked the villagers to do so.

Ramji wanted everyone to find their purpose in this battle otherwise the enemies would understand their weakness. Puranjan and his companions agreed that Ramji should take care of Bhima. They are gone.

The power and strength of Bhima can be used against him. He should not allow anyone to use it for wrong purposes. Ramji asked Bhima to make a wise decision. His decision to fight the villager alone was wrong. Learn to be patient with his actions.

Maharaj told his people to make Bhima’s courage their strength and oppose it.

Ramji hugged Bhima and kissed him on the forehead.

The Maharaja wanted everyone to kill Bhima.

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