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Chapter Five

The music in Riddhima’s ringtone really pushed the race again.

“Hello, did you do what I told you to do?” Riddhima answers the call in A Sharp Tone

When the caller pauses, she cries out, “I want to finish it asap I don’t have much time. She cuts the call.

The whole Raisingania family is watching her in amazement

The whole Raisingania family is watching her in amazement. Riddhima never used such an official tone when talking to anyone.

Riddhima looked at him, “What ?!” She asks.

“Nothing, Miss Riddhima, did you have breakfast?” Why don’t you join us? Asks Vanshala

“I’ve already eaten Mr. Vansh, don’t worry,” Riddhima replied with a fake smile.

“Why do you wear such clothes? I’ve never seen you wear anything like that! ”Asks the dynasty, the Plan Its No. Recognizing Riddhima, a minute slipped from his mind.

Idd asks irritably, “I thought you didn’t know me, how do you know what I wear and what I do?” No.? ”, She leaves the room

Ahana, Ishani starts whispering to each other about her new makeover.

Grandmothers get scared and Vanas gets scared.

Two such days passed , Idddhima is well aware of her surroundings and threats so she will keep an eye on her eating so that her enemies fail to hurt her.

Everyone is busy in their own world when suddenly a thin, weak person tries to walk to her hall, she stumbles over her weakness and pulls down a vase.

The dynasty ran to that voice and found Sia on the ground.

He calls the family and picks up Sia and takes her to her room.

Sia! Why did you get up My son, we would have come to you, why did you pull on such a body? Weak State? Grandmother cried with tears.

Ishani and Aryan are happy to see their little sister awake from her long coma.

The tribe hugs her and asks, “Tell me, what happened to Sia?” What happened that day? Why did Riddhima attack you ?! ”

But Sia was not listening to anything or what anyone around her was saying, she was boldly looking for someone.

Unable to find her, Vanshala asks her, “Brother, please tell me, where is Ddhima Bhabhi? I really want to talk to her, where is she ?! ”

Everyone has Was shocked

Ishani says, “She is not our sister-in-law. That cheap gold digger recently betrayed our family. She tried to kill you, she killed Ragini mercilessly. “

“No, no, what do you mean?” She never bothered me, she was just trying to kill me! Riddima Bhabhi is innocent, she always tried to save me कुठे where is she? I want to tell you everything, but let her come first. Sia is crying helplessly.

Suddenly her eyes began to get cold and she started screaming at Ahan"You can never be my sister-in-law, how dare you, my cousin?  Riddhima Bhabi later gave her life for you twice

Suddenly her eyes went cold and she cried out to Ahan with a twinkle, “You can never be my sister-in-law, how dare you race brother? After Riddhima Bhabhi gave her life for you twice, did you betray her? You can do that?! She failed to believe that her brother could do such a thing.

Due to the faults on the ground, the family could not meet Sia’s eyes and remembered all the wrong things he had done to Hi Ddhima.

Riddhima entered the room and shouted “Sia !!”Happily.

The two women give a long hug and Sia ends up crying on her sister-in-law’s shoulder.

“Bhabhi..I’m sorry I doubted you, I can’t believe it, I even thought of something like that. Please, forgive me, please don’t leave me and don’t go to Bhabhi “Sia whispered softly in her body.

Riddhima wiped away her tears and hugged her tightly. “It’s OK Sia, I’m sorry, don’t worry! Now, don’t suppress yourself by saying goodbye? ”

Riddhima wipes her tears and hugs her tightly"That's right Sia, I'm sorry, don't worry!  Now, don't suppress yourself by saying goodbye?"

“Riddhima. IM Sorry“Vansh whispers emotionally.

He gets stressed because he doesn’t get any response from her… .Why? She will Leave Him ?!

“Hi Dhima Beta, I’m sorry, I lost and I believed विश्वास” Grandma felt very low.

How could she have done injustice to such a golden hearted person?

Sia began to worry “Bhabhi- you won’t leave us, will you stay here with us ?!


So friends, do you think Riddhima VR will stay in the castle or leave?

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