For you and with you (Episode 2) – Telly Updates

The episode began with the Van Dhima clan.
Professor admission and start teaching.
PROFESSOR: So the students here have microscopes on each seat and we all have to look at the slides in it and make notes in our notebooks. Is everyone sure about using it? Does everyone know how to handle this?
Hi Ddhima thinks. She was from a normal school where this type of equipment was never used. She had an idea she could get at university so she watched a lot of YouTube videos to get ready to use it. He looked around and found that none of the students raised their hands.
She won’t even get her hands on it. Shej does not want to be highlighted.
So she is not. She was going to try it herself.
Race: Will you observe first that I do ??
She got out of her mind and said yes… you can.
The descent held a microscope. Screwed in, screwed in, installed and inspected.
He then recorded the points in the notebook and handed the microscope to Riddhima.
Riddhima was all frightened, frightened, soon she began to tremble. It always happened to her whenever she was trying something new.
Vansh realized she wasn’t comfortable, but before he could say anything. Professor Riddhima came over.
Professor: Are you going to use it this way?
Riddhima was very scared.
PROFESSOR: Stand up. I said stand up.
Idd stood up.
Professor: If you have no idea how to use it, why don’t you raise your hand?
Riddhima’s voice trembled and her eyes filled.
The dynasty stood.

Clan: Sir, she told me she didn’t know how to use it but I told her not to shake hands.
The professor looked at the tribe angrily and Riddhima looked at him shockingly.
Clan: We’re sorry sir, but I thought I’d help her.
PROFESSOR: So you think you’re a teacher here.
Race: No sir she just wasn’t comfortable
The professor shouted calmly.
He asked Vanas to come with him.
Idddhima tried to stop him but he backed away by signing her to stay calm.
Professor: There are 100 slides here. As a microscope expert you will need to observe these 100 slides and make notes, no matter how long it takes.
The dynasty sat quietly.
Riddhima was about to speak but the professor looked at her.
Professor: Riddhima Thakur?
IRddhima nodded.
PROFESSOR: You know your name is at the top of the admission list. I didn’t expect such a stupid thing from you. Next time be and learn how to use it.
The professor went to take the slide.
Hi Ddhima: Vamsa… Vamsa Why did you do this
Race: Shut up, Riddhima..and International if you say anything now … we can be denied again … please.
Hi Ddhima: But dynasty ..
The clan signed to move her.
Period expired.

Everyone went to the next class.
Idddhima vanshala aali ..
Hi Dhima: The next class time of the forest
Warsh: But I want to get this done first.
He was constantly looking at slides and writing notes. He did not look at her.
Idddhima stood there.
Vanash then looked up.
He saw her crying.
He smiled quietly and then handed her her handkerchief.
Race: Patience, please go to the next class, I’m fine.
Idd shouted louder.
The tribe had no idea how to calm her down.
Some girls came and started laughing.
Tia: Looking like a boy is screaming for mamma on her first day of school.

The other girl spoke but her clothes looked like mamma.
And they laughed.
Idddhima, not paying attention ,,, only she didn’t have this kind of favor on her because her race treated her.
The tribes looked at the girls angrily.
Race: It’s good that we all apologize to Riddhima.
Idddhima looked at the race for a moment and then at the girls shockingly.
She realized they were smiling at her. They wiped away her tears.
Lineage: Tia says sorry ..
Tia: Sorry, my feet.
They all began to move.
The clan was going to move to stop them but Riddhima held his hand.
Idddhima: lineage,
The tribe turned to her in anger.
Race: You kept quiet in front of the teachers, that was your morality, but now you have not turned your back on these girls. It shows your cowardice. I don’t like cowards.
Then, in a fit of rage, he returned to work.
Hi Ddhima: Some things nurture cowardice or humility.
She picked up her bag and started running.

Prepap: hi is closed in the library with Ddhima descent. The professor came and shocked them.