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Scene 1: Riddhima is in her room

Riddhima’s Pov: I think this is Kabir’s new plan! But how he suddenly thought of bringing a climber! Damn it!

God comes ..

Idddhima: God, thank God when you come .. * Closes the door * Do you know anything about this girl?

God: I need you to know something before I tell you this… I know by now how Kabir suddenly thought of bringing Arohi ..

Idddhima: Yes ?!

God: Because how does Kabir know that you are alive and he has somehow got the same form!

Riddhima: How can he know this? If he found out about it, he must have been from the hospital? I have files ..

God: Don’t worry, he came to collect the files, but somehow I misled him, it happened days ago, it was handled!

Idddhima: Thanks God! And did you find anything about this girl?

God: Yes, I asked my friend, he told me that by then he will find the details in 2 days ..

Riddhima: Until then, we have to endure her!

Dev: Yes!

Riddhima goes out and talks to Dada

Hi Ddhima: Where is this climbing grandmother?

Grandma: She might be in her room.

Idddhima is about to leave .. but Baba stops her ..

Grandma: I know dear, you are sad, she is back, but trust me Vansh only loves you! That was his past!

Hi Ddhima: Grandma, don’t worry I never doubt Vanas and I know he just loves me but I want something to settle with her!

Idd goes to Ddhima

Grandmother’s Pov: God! Help my kids, whenever I feel like all the problems in their lives are over, another problem enters! Give them strength Dear Lord!

Riddhima was on her way to the guest room when she found the guest alias Anchal.

Climber: Oh, hello! Never got a chance to meet you! I’m a climber, you know! Overall you are a wife! Well, I was going to meet Vansh, so if you forgive me ..

She is about to leave .. when Riddhima stops her ..

Hi Ddhima: Wait, you have introduced yourself, now I give you mine! I am Riddhima clan Raisingania! It would be nice if you took it in your head and I know you’re not a climber! I will soon find out who you are and soon you will not be out of this house! And tell your partner Kabir, don’t play such cheap tricks! And I will tell you the same thing, Vansh is my husband and I will go to some extent to protect him and I have the courage to threaten you! I swear the moment you hurt, that will be your last day! And remember one thing, if I know your truth, you will go out of this house, but if the tribe knows the truth, it will kill you and believe me, because the tribe hated the people who betrayed it. To him

Arohi: Don’t worry about it, you betray him just as I betrayed him ?!

Idd Dhima leaves and calls Aanchal Kabir ..

Aanchal: Kabir, does Riddhima know that Aarohi is alive?

Kabir: What? No! She knows nothing about Arohi, she only knows that Arohi is an ex-girlfriend of the tribe! She knows nothing else! Why?

Aanchal: Because she knows I’m not a climber! And she was so confident!

Kabir: Both wife and husband are very sharp, they may be playing mind games with you, but you can’t keep planning, keep going as planned!

Kabir breaks the call ..

Kabir: Jay, we need to find out where this real climber is soon! Earlier this area knew my true intentions!

Jay: Yes sir, now we are working with Anchal in our plan, if Riddhima reveals her truth, we can lose her just like we lost Riddhima!

Kabir: Yes you are right!

Scene 2: Riddhima went to her room and was shocked to see all the items broken!

Riddhima: What is all this? Descent! Where are you Race are you ok Where did this forest go!

Riddhima hears water flowing in the washroom and goes inside

Hi Dhima: Dynasty!  Dynasty what are you doing please come!  Descent please!

Hi Dhima: Dynasty! Dynasty what are you doing please come! Descent please!

Clan: No Riddhima! I need some time please! * His hand starts to move against the wall *

Hi Dhima: Dynasty! Vansh your hand, her bleeding please come inside the room ..

Riddhima tied the bandage on her hand

Riddhima: What is your problem? Why are you doing that I know she’s back, but you hate her.

Race: I never liked her hi ddhima and now I feel guilty!

Riddhima: Guilty? For whom

Race: I think even though I proposed to you, I was scared, Riddhima, somewhere deep in my heart, I knew I couldn’t love her more than anyone! And when she came back

Idd Ddhima: All the pain, all the love reappeared ?! I think

Idd Dhima leaves the room.

God: hi Ddhima, what happened you are crying!

She tells him everything that happened.

God: Does that mean we shouldn’t be happy? I mean this way he just loves you! You are the true climber!

Idddhima: I know God! I thought, why can’t I use this impostor for my plan! See what my plan was? To make him completely forget about the climber and move completely from the heart and today I know he still loves her somewhere, I just need to end it!

God: What about backfires?

Riddhima: Backfires?

God: Yes, he understands that the climber loves you more than you do and if he decides to get a divorce? So what do you do

Hi Dhima: Sometimes, you should not think about the consequences and just go blind and hope that everything will be fine!

Scene 3: Meet the Arohi dynasty ..

Climbers: Descent.

Clan: What are you doing here? Get out!

Climber: You can’t ignore me race! We both know you still love me! And we can’t ignore the fact!

Lineage: I don’t love you, I love Riddhima, she is my wife! And I love her!

Arohi: You didn’t love her! You just don’t want to be alone or it’s probably good for your ego! Or, maybe she did you good for your miserable life, but you didn’t love her, because you don’t destroy your loved one! From the beginning of our relationship, I think she was the one who handled all the problems and you created the problem! This is not love for the forest, it was just like a doctor healing a patient, it was just like that!

She leaves

Lineage: Was she right about what she said about me and Riddhima, didn’t I really love her?

Can you find your way to Riddhima after this? Can Riddhima save her marriage? Has Kabir Riddhim and Varta succeeded independently?

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