Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Follows Ninad and Omkar – Telly Updates

Ghum is someone’s love March 27, 2021 Written part, written update on

Sai video chats with Virat. Madhuri calls her. Virat says Sai he will call her back. Ashwini asks when he will return. He says before Holi. Sai tells her to take care of herself and disconnects the call. Ashwini told her to rest and left the room. Sai calls Madhuri back and finds out that Ninad and Omkar are gone. She runs out. Ashwini looks at her and wonders where she is going at night. Sai visits Madhuri who informs her that she has left 2 people in the car. Sai says how will they get Pulkit’s place now. Madhuri said she turned on the phone’s GPS and put it in Ninad’s car. Sai was happy to see the live location of the car. Madhuri said she did not book a taxi though. Sai says they will get a taxi out and they will go home. Ashwini gets stressed when he sees them leaving. Sai’s college friend Milind stops the car and asks what she does here? Sai says Pulkit Sir is in trouble and she needs his help. She gets in the car with Madhuri and tells Milind to get behind the other car. Milind asks who is she?

Ashwini calls Sai frequently, but when she does not take the call, she thinks of informing Bhavani. She walks towards Bhavani and tells her who Sai has gone out with this time. Bhavani said that if she does not keep an eye on her path, one day she will beat her daughter-in-law. Ashwini says she is now worried about Sai’s safety. Bhavani calls Ninad and tells them that Sai has come out this time and is chasing the two of them. Ninad told Omkar to stop the car as Sai’s car could move forward. Sai notices a stop to the car and tells Milind to stop, if they suspect him. Omkar drives again. Sai tells Milind to drive again. Omkar says he thinks the back door is unlocked. Omkar stopped the car. The mobile falls down. Ninad opens the back door and retrieves it. The mobile falls down and they run away again. Sai thinks that Pulkit must have been placed somewhere around. They find mobiles on the street.

Omkar and Ninad met Dadu and asked him why he had sent a blackmail letter threatening to reveal the truth if he did not pay Rs 1 crore. Dadu says he didn’t send any letters and instead called directly if he wanted to blackmail them, he’s not new to the kidnapping business and they must find a new enemy. Omkar and Ninad think that if Sai did it.

Madhuri wonders how they will find Pulkit now. Sai thinks that Pulkit is kept somewhere around and she tells Madhuri to come back home while looking for Pulkit in the forest. Madhuri said she could not leave him alone. Sai said she needs to go back to the deer and don’t worry about her as she is from Gadchiroli and she knows the forest well. Madhuri left with Milind. Sai saw the car’s tire pits on the ground and thinks it could be Ninad and Omkar’s car. Virat called her. She takes his call. He asks where she is when she hears the sound of insects, if she remembers Gadchiroli so much. Sai said nervously that she has come out to solve some problem. He says he felt something strange and called her. She said she was crazy. He says okay then, hears the animal’s voice and asks where she really is. She says she is studying watching TV. He said his training ended today and he will be home tomorrow. She thinks that he will be disturbed to hear about his family’s misdeeds and that he will know the place of Pulkit. He asks if she’s happy to be back home. Sai says there will be a big bang when he arrives. He says he is returning to Holi, not Diwali. She says he’ll find out tomorrow and asks if she’s bothered about any issues. She asks what he would do in this situation? He says he sits in the sky and looks at his imagination from another angle. She wants to find Pulkit’s place through the tree and the call ends, so Virat gets confused. She thanks Virat for the idea and walks to the tree to climb it.

Prepp: Virat snatched Sai’s mobile and asked if she was talking to Pulkit. She says yes. Asks her what’s bothering her. She asks him why he thinks she must have listened to him quietly. He shows her the gun seriously and fires water at her smile, saying it’s bad.

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