Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Gets Jealous Seeing Virat Playing Holi With Sai – Telly Updates


Wandering is in someone’s love March 31, 2021 Written part, written update on

Chavan family’s Holi celebrations begin. Bhavani, Ninad and Omkar greet the guests and paint their cheeks. Sonali is fascinated by snacks and sweets. Mohit chats with Karisma and begs her to come back as soon as she is missing, he loves her and so on. Sonali listens to her and asks when she is coming. He says she doesn’t come because she has a fever. She is worried and messages from his mobile. He asks the DJ to play energetic music. Sunny enters dancing enthusiastically with the musicians and meets everyone. He jokes with Ashwini that something is missing. What does she ask He says onion fritters / dishes. Ashwini cooked a kilo of Bhajiya for her children. He asks about Virat and dances with Mohit.

Virat and Sai go inside. He dances to dance. While dancing with Vira Sai, the bird enters and gets jealous. Virat painted the feet of the family father and wished them a happy Holi. Good luck to him again. Ashwini first applied color to him. Sai then paints all the fathers and wishes them a happy Holi. If Bhavani and her team break up, Ashwini is happy and blesses them. Virat looked at the bird, approached her and applied her color to wish her a happy Holi. Pakhi thinks that he has become a gulal in life which is applied for some time and then disappears and hopes that he is her husband, but looking at Sai he is someone else’s husband. Happy Holi to her again and best wishes to Sai. Sunny paints him and wishes him a happy Holi. Virat noticed Sai again. Sunny gave her a handful of paint and asked Sai to paint. Virat goes to Sai and smells her whole face with color and says Bura is a mano holi. The bird feels more jealous. Shivani tells Sai to take revenge. Sai Virat’s face smells with color and says bad mano holi hai. Sunne says his good revenge.

Virat paints and imitates Viru / Dharmendra. The title track of the serial plays in the background. Seeing Virat and Sai playing Holi with each other, the bird became more jealous. Bhavani is shouting that they are painting like children, Sai was wild and now Virat is becoming wild like her. Mohit goes to Sai and requests a selfie with her. He clicks selfies with Sai and Virat. Bhavani shouts that Mohit has become a fan of Sai and forgot that Pakhi is also present and also has her first Holi.

Ashwini brings sweets. Sai takes the plate from her and first forces Sonali and Bhavani comments that her sweetness will be sweet. Bhavani eats. She then goes to Ninad and Omkar and forces him to resist. She then gave a meal to Ashwini. Virat looks at her and smiles. Sonali tells Bhavani that the way Virat is looking at Sai, she thinks he has fallen in love with Sai. Sunny also noticed Virat and asked him to express his love for Sai. Virat asked what he meant. Sunny says that the way he is looking at Sai Bhabhi shows what is going on in his mind, so he should go and express his love for Sai. Virat says there is no such thing; She thinks he can’t live without Sai, if he really loves her and he should express her to her. Sunny insists. Virat told him to go. Sunny provokes Not everyone can express their feelings. Virat accepted this as a challenge and said that the whole world listens when IPS Virat Chavan speaks. He says to the police station, but in Sai’s love he is arrested here. Virat says he will express his love for Sai at any cost today and move towards her.

Wish the guests the best of luck and try to paint her cheeks. The bird thinks that Virat will not paint anyone on his left cheek and will ask him to paint on his right cheek. The guest tries to paint on the left cheek and she moves to the side. Sai quarrels with her and paints her left cheek. The bird is angry. Sai wonders what has happened to her now. Virat encouraged himself to express his love for Sai. Ashwini walks towards Sai and begs her to bring the goddess down. Sai thinks that if the goddess comes down, her plan will fail; She requested Ashwini to rest the goddess as her best, if she came down someone would comment on her. Ashwini agrees and says she is so happy that Sai came back after so much has happened. Sai says she is not sad because everyone has their own reason behind stopping the marriage of Devi and Pulkit and she feels that she cannot tell anyone what she will do today. She calls Pulkit. Virat goes to her and says she wants to tell him something. Sai wonders if she knew her plan? She asks if she is talking to anyone? He says no and asks her what she wants to say. He says anxiously.

Prep: Sai and Virat play Holi.

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