Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Makes Devi Escape From Home – Telly Updates

Wandering in Someone’s Love April 5, 2021 Written Part,

Bhavani is about to go home with Sai Devi when she goes inside and when she asks what she is doing here alone. Sai Devi seems to be hiding. Bhavani felt that there was some Mr. India that she was looking at with the help of red stained glass. Sai says she didn’t say anything. Bhavani bothers her more and warns her to stay at home till the end of Holi. Sai tells her not to worry as she will not be participating in the Holi celebrations. Sonali walks inside and informs that Barkha is leaving and wants to meet her. Bhavani says that she will go to your room with omen money and silver coins for Barakh. Sonali went back. I saw Sai Devi hiding behind the sofa. Devi says she saw her ass / bad mom, so she hid. Sai leads her to the back door.

The Chavan family chatted with Barkha. Barkha gives her a gift. Barkha said she didn’t need it this year. Bhavani said she entertained them, so she should keep it and come back next year. Sai sees the back door closed. The goddess sadly asks if she will marry Pulkit. Sai said she will definitely marry Pulkit today and says they will have to go out the front door. She takes her to the place of Holi celebration and seeing the family busy with guests, gives the goddess a pot to cover her face and asks her to follow her. They lingered wearing pots. Inspired Virat sees the pot moving and informs Sunny. Sunny says they don’t move. He then sees the pots moving again and says he is very disappointed. They both laughed. Devi is sad to see her family and asks Sai if she is not here again, she will miss Viru and Ashwini because they love her so much. Sai says she doesn’t have to worry because the family will accept their marriage after her and Pulkit’s wedding. She takes her out and calls the taxi driver who says he is stuck in traffic due to the Holi celebrations. She told him to come early and walk fast. As she was leaving the house for several days, the goddess told her to walk slowly. Sai agrees and hopes no one sees them.

Ninad told Omkar that he should see Barkha. Omkar agrees. Jealousy Sonali slapped him. Bhavani asked Virat to drop the barkha to his car. He is with Barkha. Barkha said she felt good dancing with him. He says he missed the emperor very much today. Barkha says that she had seen him and the emperor dancing for many years, but was very happy to see her dancing with Sai today, he should always keep Sai happy because she is very good and her village is Gadchiroli. The goddess walks and sits as if tired. Sai requested someone to get up as they could see. Virat looked at Barkha and looked at Sai. The cab came and got in the car with Sai Devi and left. Virat thinks that if he imagines Sai everywhere, won’t he express his love for Sai?

The parents of the bird visit Chavan late and greet him. Bhavani says it came too late. The birds look at them and hug them happily and wish them a happy Holi. Bhavani tells the family to refresh and tells Pakhi to take care of her parents. Incredibly Sunny asks Virat if he enjoyed dancing with Sai? Virat says that he could not propose to Sai because of his consciousness. Sunny gives him water. Virat reminded Sai that he had tried to kiss her and thought that her action might have made her angry and gone. He goes to Sai’s room and finds her in the bathroom and she doesn’t hear that she needs to be in the kitchen and he will go there and tell her I love you. He looks at his image in the mirror and speaks to himself.

Pulkit is ready waiting for the goddess upstairs and fears that the goddess’s family will have problems again, so he sent the deer out to keep her away from all this. Virat continued to search for Sai.

Prepp: Virat asked the family if they had seen Sai.
Shailesh finds out that he saw Sai going in the cab with Devi. Pakhi says that Sakhi Devi must have been taken to Pulkit. Virat has said that if Sai has taken the wrong step, she will not know what she will do to him.

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