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Virat asked Ashwini if ​​she saw Sai, is she in the kitchen? She says no, she thought she might have slept in her room. Bhavani said she had ordered her not to come out till Holi was celebrated so she should be hiding somewhere. Virat wonders where she might have gone at the time. Sai arrives at the wedding venue with the goddess. The goddess is pleased to see the decoration and asks if Pulkit did it all. Sai says yes. Devi says she always dreamed of a grand wedding and Pulkit fulfilled it today. Sai said her every dream will come true from today. Pulkit with Madhuri goes to him and asks if he has any problem. Sai doesn’t say much and Phoe gets out of the cab. Virat asks the family if anyone has seen his phone? Mohit gives the phone and says Virat was drunk, so he kept it safe. Virat thanked her and called Sai. Pulkit thanked Sai for bringing the goddess here and fulfilling her dream. Sai got a call from Virat and asked Pulkit to take Devi, thinking that Virat must have understood that he was not at home.

Ashwini tells Usha to find Sai at home while she is holding the phone somewhere. Omkar says there is nothing to worry about as Sai has a habit of going out without understanding. Shivani walks inside and Ashwini asks if she saw Sai. Shivani says no. Ninad says they should check the room of the goddess. Shivani says she has already checked and even the goddesses are not in her room. Failure alerts. Sonali comments. Bhavani says something is wrong and Sai must have taken the goddess out. Virat asks how this can happen. Bhavani asks Ashwini if ​​Sai told her anything? Ashwini says no. The bird enters with her parents. Virat asked if she saw Devi and Sai? Pakhi says she doesn’t know about Devi, but she last saw Sai with Virat. Virat is asking it after the celebration. Shailesh says he saw Sai and Devi going in a taxi.

Pulkit extended his hand. The goddess says he looks handsome, but she doesn’t look beautiful. He says she looks as perfect as ever. She asked shyly. He says yes and says they want their grand wedding, he married them and invited some guests, they will go round and swear again. Sai tells Devi that Pulkit has brought her wedding dress and jewelery, so get ready soon. The goddess asks if this is a dream or not. Sai says this is real and tells her to get ready early before the problem arises again. Pulkit grabbed Devi’s hand and walked away. Sai thinks that Virat will realize later that this was right for the goddess. Virat wonders where Sai is and where she may not have informed the Goddess. Sai hopes Virat forgives her.

Bhavani Virat shouted that his wife did not inform the Goddess and her truth came out. Virat told Virat that he would only accompany his wife and told Virat that he would never let Devi out of the house without treatment, how could Sai Devi get out without knowing. Who is Sanali to get the goddess out. Ashwini says that the lives of Goddess and Sai must be in danger. Shivani says they must have gone. Ashwini says that maybe Devi’s condition got worse and Sai took her to the hospital. Pakhi says that Sai would have given information to someone, but not knowing, she feels something is wrong. Her mother said the goddess looked very happy in the cab. Pakhi says that Sai must have taken the goddess out instead of looking at her. The bird’s parents left. Bhavani asks Ashwini if ​​her arm will still take her side, Sai made many mistakes and they forgave her; While they were busy, Sai took the goddess with her lure. “It is a sin that Sai should be punished for killing his faith,” Sonali said. They should not think of Sai’s punishment at such a strange time, they should find out where they must have taken the goddess. Pakhi says she thinks Sai took Devi to Pulkit. Virat says that this is impossible because he had warned Sai to stay away from Pulkit and not to think about the marriage of Goddess and Pulkit, then why would she violate it. The birds say that his wife never obeys anyone. Mohit asks not to think wrong about Sai. Sonali warned her to turn off the bird. Sai challenged Pulkit and Devi to marry at any cost.

Bhavani thinks that if Devi and Pulkit are married and their secret comes out, the family will be very infamous. Omkar asks what she thinks. Bhavani said she is worried about her daughter. Ashwini said not to come to a conclusion on Pakhi’s decision, he should find out the truth first. Pakhi says that the goddess cannot even take care of herself. Virat says that if Sai went to marry Devi and Pulkit, she would definitely be punished. Mohit asks if Pulkit is unmarried and Sangeeta is trying to seduce him. Shivani says it is possible. Pakhi reminded Virat that he would search again after Holi. Omkar and Sonali hit him. Bhavani asks Virat if he will support Sai as her husband or will find Devi as her brother? Virat called Sai. Pakhi asks him to accept that Sai is with Pulkit. Virat says that Sai will find out where he is and who he is with and if she has taken such a wrong step, he does not know what step he will take. He calls his subordinates and with a team Dr. Orders to reach Pulkit’s house and he will join them there.

Prep: Virat saw Pulkit’s house locked.
Neighbors say she was spotted going in a dazzling wedding dress. Virat finds Pulkit’s last place in the wedding hall and informs the bird. Pakhi says that Sai is marrying Pulkit and Devi. Birds and goddesses revolve.

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