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Akki started the episode saying that you have no honor. Adi says shut up, she is my mother. He knocks on the door. The new light went away, telling the play to stop. Mukund got the car keys. He opens the door. Etc. goes to the molecule. The molecule stops him. The newcomer told Adya to go. The woman scolds Adya. Mukund and the new molecule are taken to the hospital. Sumitra tells Adi and Akki to leave. Akki says they don’t respect you much. Sumitra spits on her face. Akki got angry. Sumitra tells her to keep quiet. She says you spoiled Adi, you are both useless, you can’t do a simple job, now you don’t have a house. She says Mukund was right, you can’t do that. Mukund says you will be fine. Akki says you should be grateful, I have not revealed your truth that you are grandfather.

Sumitra slaps her and says you are my slave, I can do anything, you wanted to be rich, I gave you a chance. She said Renuka will not leave you. Etc. comes. Sumitra asks will you just spy on me or do something different? Etc. comes to her. She makes fun of them and laughs. Adi says tell me what to do now. Sumitra says that Mukund left me at home, now we should come together and teach Mukund and Renuka a lesson.

Alok and Preeti pray for Renuka. Alok says the baby is fine. The doctor says this is good news, you have a baby, Renuka’s condition is serious, we have to keep her under observation, I can’t say anything until she regains consciousness. Mukund cries and thinks of Renuka. The new comforted him. She thinks of Renuka’s words. The doctor says that the molecule should wake up after some time, otherwise it will be difficult to save her. Mukund shuddered. That night Sumitra peeked into the ward and took the baby. The baby cries. Renuka got up and said to my baby …… Mukund and Navya get up. They cry and crowd to see the molecule. Renuka asks the baby. Mukund says the baby is in the incubator. Mukund says thank God, you realized. New said I will have a baby. She was shocked to see the baby lost. The nurse says I ask the other staff and I will come. She asks the staff. Mukund says and so on. Don’t worry she says don’t take his name. Newly called Mukund. He is shocked.

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