Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu couldn’t save Kamlesh from getting beaten – Telly Updates

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24 March 2021 Written Part, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

The series begins with Happu making an Amma meal. Rajjo tells her to come out of the kitchen. Amma asks me who you are and she is jealous of her. Does Rajjo ask? Amma says everyone has become a fan of my food. Rajjo says I’m not jealous of you. Amma tells her to go and says that if you are jealous, your face will glow and only 10 percent is left. Kat and Malaika are seen beating up Kamlesh by some men who understand that he is a goon. They ask Happu to save Kamlesh, but Happu can do nothing. Malaika said she is working on the play. Malaika said she is rehearsing for the play. Kamlesh says they made powder on my body and your papa is silent. Happu says his breathing was very heavy and he didn’t understand anything. Malaika said you can’t run 2km, look at your condition. Happu told her to take it and not to tell Amma. Malaika takes him to PS. The doctor comes there and examines the hippo. He says my fears are true, asks if Amma is dead, and wants to kill the man who stoned you. Happu asks him what his illness is. The doctor says he has too much fat, he has to cut it. He says he is free in the evening and he asks to bring the body to the hospital. What do you mean by body? Doctors say that when I work on you, you are just a body. Manohar cries. Happu says I unbutton my shirt. The doctors go. Manohar says to be a good tailor in my view. Happu asks him to find out about the doctor. He then comes to Taylor and asks her to put on another uniform for him to hide the extra body. He says no one will know. Resham Pal hears this and says that it means your weight is increasing rapidly and that is why you are taking those stitches. Happu says no. “I came to tighten my uniform while I was gaining weight,” says Resham Pal. He tells Happoo Hatu to remove him and he will stay home for a few days. He says don’t come if you haven’t lost weight.

Asks the mirror to tell who is beautiful. Rajjo says you of course. She said she was like her when she was younger. Cat Biscuit encourages Mary Light and tells Rajjo to eat it to keep fighting.

Rajjo then tells Happu that Amma is not listening to him. Kat says she was beaten by her friend Kamlesh. Malaika said it was good. Kat argues. Ranbir says we will send Grandma to Abbir Mama’s house. The spoon says then what will happen to me. Happu says she will lose her job. Hrithik says he will sell veg. Ranbir Marad sings with legs. Hrithik says we will tell the truth to Grandma. Rajo says we can give her a little tension to check if she can bear it and then tell her if she is sure.

Malaika tells Kat that Bapu can’t run. Kamlesh came there and refused to help them. If Malaika does not ask him to agree, she will beat him. Kamlesh asks Kat that he sees her sister threatening him. They ask him to ask.

No prep.

Update credit to: H Hassan